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  2. I think the idea behind staying is to ease the pressure on the NHS so 10,000 don't turn up in one week better to have 2,500 a week for 4 weeks rather than 10k in a single goal but if that is the case then certain parts of the uk will be on lockdown for some considerable time. stormbringer Christ man so sorry to hear this news, i hope everything goes ok for your buddy in ICU Eddie Large from "Little & Large" has died off COVID as well today 😧 All1
  3. Yes i'm still here 🤬 Had everything set, found place time of time bought all the kit i needed and then we get this COVID s**t, I reckon i'm still going to be on lockdown for about another month IMO, someone on here will post when i'm gone as i will be putting someone in contact with a sibling who can confirm what has gone on and that person will post on here, so sad to say you still have me for a while yet so make use of me while you can. All1
  4. I think I was a bit blase about it until a close friend died and now yesterday another is one in ICU, very ill. It now is scaring the bejesus out of me and my wife. I hope is not man made, will we ever know? We think we'll become hermits. I think the lock down came later than it should have. Why for profits? There are no pockets in a shroud. Everyone stay safe, stay in.
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  6. It's killed some of the older famous people Mark Blum (Crocodile’ Dundee) Maria Mercader (american news reporter of 30 years) but a LOT of the famous people that have died from this are non american \ non UK like Italian actress Lucia Bosè
  7. One of the problems is that the media are doom-mongers. Remember Brexit? The UK was going to fall apart within weeks. (they had three years of reporting this shit) Scary headlines make more money, terrifying the public is their game. I am not for one minute playing down the seriousness of this virus, people are dying but there has to be a bit of reality. By now, quite a few 'famous' people have it or have had it - even the prime minister. Are they dead from it? No In fact, about all of the famous people are reported to have 'mild symptoms' And there's the rub - and sort of my point. The daily reports of deaths never ever, not once do they say how many survived or just recovered. If they said 50.000 cases and 300 died that would be better reporting but that is 'sort of good news - and that doesn't sell They used to say of those that died ' they had underlying health problems' but they have even stopped saying that now Instead they focus on the occasional seemingly healthy person that died. That makes much better frightening news. Everyone is bound to think if they died, so could I I agree with the lock down even though it is going to cause me financial hardship. I'm alone in my office with absolutely nothing to do. All I ask is don't believe everything you read............it's just someone's opinion. These people today are now saying it will be a 6 month lockdown Just someone's opinion but that opinion will spread worse than the virus.
  8. cobra

    Origin of viruses

    Jamer the worst of all is "pagpag" in the Philippines if you youtube this the top link is BBC news but this is caused by poverty So not the same as what's happening in china. In china it's about saving a few quid and making bigger profits it's all greed and selfishness over there what's going on all over the world at the moment was so preventable but greedy and selfish people got in the way of this. The lockdown at the moment imagine if this lockdown happend in february and was over before march we will be on top of this by now but if we did the greedy and selfish people would of moaned about it and ignored it because in there eyes not enough people are infected to justify this cost to them "basically missing the point entirely"
  9. I think in general once someone has had it they will not get it again, or it would be rare but still early days
  10. Don't know if I am missing something but I can not see how its going to go away unless irradicated by immunization. As far as I see we all stay in for 3 weeks 3 months or whatever. A city in say India does not and it starts again? We need the whole world to stay in but that is not going to happen.
  11. Jamer

    Origin of viruses

    Vile! What is wrong with these people?
  12. I see The PM and Matt Hancock have it now, albeit mild thankfully and all Prince Charles. I have been reading a lot and generally previous pandemics disappear usually as quick as they arrive, so lets hope this passes pretty quickly.
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  14. Ever wonder why most of the new viruses seem to come from China. You had SARS coronavirus outbreak of 2003 to the Novel Coronavirus of 2019 or covid 19 for short. Here are two videos to get you thinking why do we buy things from China when this is happing there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrv78nG9R04 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_yRuOho-PY
  15. Jamer the is this guy who stayed in for over 2 weeks and still got it the only physical contact to the outside world was the letters thru the door and when cash changed hands for delivery of things (But yes we all need to stay in I have only been out one time from the 13th till now and that was to check on my mom) China are beating this now only if they did it one month sooner.
  16. I am pretty much housebound anyway,so no hardship here,but if i do get it its probable all over with. Good thing is that i dont have to worry about mobility scooter for a while Worrying thing is that my son has just been told to self isolate for 2 weeks as he works at high risk site.
  17. The sooner we all stay in the quicker we will all be back out! Stay safe guys. Remember to LIKE our Facebook page too
  18. Finaly got it refunded today,What a palaver though
  19. Amazon are normally good at things sent back in the return window. It's more of a pain to try after the retune window but under warranty. be better if they just update the return button into a RMA req button. but saying that I have had a hand full of doa HDD over the years and all send back in the return window WD toshiba seagate HGTS and the old maxtors and the only time i had any trouble was trying to send back a HGTS.
  20. I am guessing they only logged one as returned when they had two. Simple admin mistake which is helping you. Phone customer support. Number is hidden away but a search will find it. I will look also. I returned a mouse 3 times now and each time replaced with no problem. They are usually good.
  21. I purchased 2 Hitachi 3tb hard drives @£49.50 each from Amazon on 28 February 2020. Received them next day in one package. Both were faulty so started Amazon return. Returned them in same packaging they were sent in. Got refund for 1 but they cant find other one?(Sent in same package). Customer support tells me that i should have sent them separately & they cant refund on now missing drive. So i am now £49.50 down which i can ill afford. Anyone have any ideas on what to do.
  22. The disadvantages far outway the advantages. They are great cars if you only drive locally and charge every night. But even think of that - you have to charge every night and not forget to. Recently, my alternator failed and I had to wait a week for a replacement fitting. The battery went flat during the day and I had to charge for hours every night It was a complete pain in the arse.... To be condemned to that for the life of the car is no joke. How do you go across the country in one day? Drive 200 or so miles then charge for 8 hours before you can come back. They say they will invent super batteries that will charge in an hour - they haven't yet and probably can't unless a super material as yet unknown is found. If they go down the road of zero emissions, it will probably have to be hydrogen powered cars that only emit water vapour but even then every car will have a tank of liquid hydrogen on board.... You will have seen what happened to The Hindenburg
  23. It would be funny to see a bright green theif riding down the road. It wouldn't be so funny having a bright gree driveway!
  24. Motion activated sprinkler,should have dye in it really.
  25. Just got message that they are going to refund & dont want it returned. We shall see
  26. Nobody seems to have thought of this.
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