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  2. Greetings from a long lost Son of Jamer

    Welcome back! Nice to see you guys are still around, hope your staying for a while...
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  4. Anyone have FTTP?

    I'm not a great fan of Virgin with their 3 monthly price hikes and very expensive channels - but their fibre optic internet speeds are fantastic. I have their basic 100MB and it never drops anytime of the day. d/l speed always says something like 107MB (upload is 10MB)
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  6. Anyone have FTTP?

    Yea this has been a nightmare for me for years, where i live in London's Docklands means most of us round here are on Exchange Only (EO) lines which means copper goes from out home direct into the exchange itself and our best speed has been about 4mbits, I took the bull by th horns about a year ago and invested in some new hardware that would allow me to hook up to a 4G based ISP called Relish.net which can give me speeds of 30mbits during early hours of the day but normally about 10mbit, all fine you might say, but no we now have a major develoment work going on which means a 11 story block of flats will be going up bang in my way of the cell site and hitting my speed for six as i will lose line of sight, no green cabinets round our way so FTTC is out, the block of flats next to me have hyperoptic and thier 1GB service but will not do our block as my landlord said they could not put there kit in our flats so that route is out for now however if we can get 5 more people they will supply us but i have already done the round and can't get anyone else to sign up. So i'm well and truly fooked.... However I have been very lucky and been able to get in touch with someone very high up within OpenReach (OR) and put case to them and after doing a site survey they have agreed that FTTP is an option for me and they will do it for me and it should be live by mid Dec and then we come to the problem of an ISP, I cannot see the point is have this speed and having a download limit put on me so all i will want is unlimited downloads and i'd be happy with 50mbit and given so few ISP's offer this option the price is not cheap. I'm guessing i might have to have FTTP installed and wait till i get the offer of a good deal. All1
  7. Anyone have FTTP?

    I was looking into this some years ago and the cost was to high. So I went on BT FTTC @ 55/10 (55mb down / 10mb up) If your going after real FTTP the upload and download speed are the same 100mb/100mb 0r 1gb/1gb and anywhere in between. You don't need faster then 1gb as most of the internet delivery protocols are not that fast (older versions of firefox max out at 300mb when you download over it) this was the one i was looking at. https://www.hyperoptic.com/
  8. Anyone have FTTP?

    Yea BT as an ISP do FTTP (to the home) but from my digging it's less then half a dozen ISP's that do it and off course this means prices are high and some even cap you a 50GB, i mean you could do that in a couple of hours All1
  9. Anyone have FTTP?

    I am with BT and I think we only have fibre to the cabinet, however, that is only in the next street.
  10. Greetings from a long lost Son of Jamer

    Bloody hell! Where have you been hiding?
  11. Greetings from a long lost Son of Jamer

    Welcome back "old timer" <LOL>
  12. Anyone have FTTP?

    Most get FTTC which is fibre to the cabinet then copper wire to your home FTTP is fibre straight from the exchange into your home supposed to be much faster as no copper is used but also fewer ISP touch it, and for that reason price seems to be a wee bit expensive All1
  13. Anyone have FTTP?

    What is FTTP?
  14. Anyone have FTTP?

    Long story short, i have been in contact with someone in OpenReach (OR) and have had site survey done and been told i can have FTTP by the end of Dec this year, which i thought was great news however i have now been looking at ISP deals and it seems there is only a handfull of ISP's that offer a FTTP product, so does anyone have FTTP a home? If so what ISP & deal do you have? All I want is unlimted downloads.. All1
  15. After what seems like forever. I'm back. Hoping all the great folks from years gone by are still around. GG
  16. Anyone know if bhess still lives in Tampa

    Does anyone know what his first name was or what his approximate age was?
  17. Anyone know if bhess still lives in Tampa

    Sorry to hear that m8, i know over the years we have lost some great guys on here (Dave/Bod/Bhess/Tatman not to mention Sparks but lets not go there with that one) i can just hope if he is still with us he's ok that's all, i do know his first and last name and he lived in Tampa so i may be able to look through public records, just don't want to if you know what i mean Once again sorry for you m8 buddy All1
  18. Anyone know if bhess still lives in Tampa

    This can be the trouble with forums. They have been popular for what....15 - 20 years and a lot of people die during those years. Wives and girlfriends are not likely to go on the deceased forums to tell everyone. I had a friend through online gaming and the associated forum. The game stopped being online but we stayed in touch He lived in Israel and over the years we became great friends celebrating kids and grandchildrens births etc. He invited me to his jewish wedding in Israel and I'm ashamed to say, I daren't go - there were missiles being lobbed over at the time. He was in the Navy and reached the rank of captain and commanded his own war ship. Then the emails stopped and he was never on google chat anymore. I scoured the net for months for information on him but nothing. I hoped he'd just stopped the chat because of his position in the IDF He had mentioned that, that might happen. Over two years later I joined twitter and found an IDF account. I asked them about my friend and they DM'd me with the sad news he had been killed by the hezbollah.
  19. Anyone know if bhess still lives in Tampa

    Did you find out?
  20. Anyone know if bhess still lives in Tampa

    Well that was worth it !!!
  21. Been thinking about him for last 24 hours and now getting worried for the dude anyone still in contact with him and know if he still lives in Tampa All1
  22. Help needed with new project please

    Pleasse if you could,still very few members/posts badly need jump start to get things going.
  23. Help needed with new project please

    Registered :) I have a Common Boa, a Royal Python, 2 spur thighed tortoise, 2 cats and a load of guppies so will definitely be able to get some pictures uploaded at some point.
  24. Thanks Alloneword I managed to copy my plan I had took me hours but did get an almost 1-1 copy but in 3D was able to add toilets, showers and hand basin in the bathrooms and also beds, wardrobes , tv etc in bedrooms and a kitchen ( of sort ) also PC desk and a Sofa in the lounge but couldn't work out how to reduce the height of the walls so was unable to get the right perspective for my Balcony ( Still looking to try and find out how or even if I can do it lol ) Roll on 2019 now for when it will be build then the hard work begins shopping for the furniture lol
  25. Anybody able to change a 2D plan to a 3D plan for me?

    Oh ok sorry m8 didn't check on which app would do what i'll have a look at some other stuff for you tonight All1
  26. Hi Dazling, it's possible to convert .jpg to CAD format. Google is your friend (besides me)
  27. Thanks Alloneword ill have a look the problem I have is its a .jpg file and not a cad file.
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