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  2. Yep still look in from time to time. Website is bookmarked under favorites. Well done Jamer its all looking good.
  3. Good luck mate
  4. Not yet but i'm off to a place next week called Clerkenwell Screws and these are the people a few model railway and model racing car shops have told me to try they do all those micro kind of screws, so hopefully next week will give a result. All1
  5. Did you find one?
  6. yep sure it Divvy, im getting a database error on that url right now but i will keep looking
  7. It is not for a Garmin is it? see here
  8. I'm in the market for a very small screw, it has to be very small screw indeed. OK enough of the jokes being told the size i need is a M2x125 I have done the usual google and only place i could find was china with a min order of 50,000 so iven i only need one it's overkill, anyone have any idea where i could source this tiny one All1
  9. I was always under the impression that Social Media (SM) sites were a chance for joe public to post their views on said company, however i'm seeing more and more sites that are either vetted before a post is posted, hence no bad posts ever get seen or they just use it as another place to advertise, so what's the f**king point of them how can i tell the company how sh*t they are as well as alerting other people how bad they are? Rant over. All1
  10. I'd totally forgot it's today. Just been out and not seen a single flag. Good job really. We don't want to be upsetting any minorities do we?
  11. Forum is looking good Jamer and still here after 20 years!
  12. Thank you have a good day
  13. Happy St George's Day
  14. Invision are the creators of the scripting but there is a bit more to it than that :)
  15. Got an announcement that the board was upgraded. Looks like the board is still powered by Invision and a little less blue.
  16. Hi enigma101 I wanted a couple of albums converted to mp3 as there was a band from the 80's who never seemed to release in cd format years ago, so was going to buy vinyl and convert it using a usb turntable, however before i bought the vinyl i found someone selling some CD's and was able to get his price down to about £10 a disc which for me i was very happy with as least i now have the digital rips plus the discs for future ripping if need be, so i'm actually sorted now but many thanks for the offer, and i might keep your details handy as i do have a few other vinyl albums stored in the loft so my get my rear end up there and get them down so don't be surprised if you ge a PM sooner or later. All1
  17. I have one & have owned several in the past. I currently use a Stanton T-92. This model is priced at the higher end but I've also owned a budget model or two. What do you need to know?
  18. Ar eyou set on converting the vinyl to digital or is it possibly an album that one of us can find for a bit cheaper digitally ;)
  19. Ahh no can't help sorry bud
  20. No i have nothing here that will do it, i know you can buy turntables that plug into USB ports but last time i looked they were £50 and as i said in other thread i can buy the CD for £35 i was just hoping someone might have one of these USB turntables
  21. It depends on your setup, do you have just a turntable? What outputs?
  22. I have an old vinyl album that needs converting to digital format, can anyone do it on here? All1
  23. Hello to any new members
  24. Some names from the past here
  25. Your welcome
  26. Thanks Jamer your right i can't buy it outright only rent/lease it as you say. Bought one today for £8.50 at least it means i can keep my email account which i have had for years now, so many thanks All1
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