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  2. Hi folks. Just started a new forum to keep me occupied,cant work cos of health & getting very bored. But wondering if you could register & do a few posts to help get things started. has forums on following subjects,but more may be added as things hopefully progress Pets n Wildlife forums. Sections on.. Open Forums Welcome to Pets n Wildlife UK Board News & Information General Discussion Domestic Pets & Farm Animals Dogs Cats Horses & Ponies Small Mammals General Information The Rainbow Bridge Missing Pets Animal Rescue Dogs Needing Rescue Cat Rescue Other Animals Animal Cruelty Reptiles Snakes,Lizards & Other Exotics Exotics Equipment Wildlife Wildlife Garden UK Native Wildlife Your CCTV Cameras Weird Creatures None UK Section Your Pets Wildlife https://petsnwildlife.uk Also looking for staff if anyone is interested. I have approved this post with Jamer Cheers Dave
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  4. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Happy birthday to Jamerspad, good to see a lot of original members still here after so many years, keep up the good work.
  5. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Congratulations, 20 years! Wow where did that time go?
  6. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    20 years! Wow, where has that time gone? Well done Jamer you have run an excellent site, I hope to be able to spend more time now here now that I have changed jobs, I have a little less stress and a bit more time to do more of what I want to do :)
  7. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Has been a good site for a long time. Congrats Jamer. Too many more I say as I raise my glass. It's only 9:45 am here so I am making quite a sacrifice. Maybe I'll make a few.
  8. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Happy 20th birthday :)
  9. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Good to see you all still here guys :)
  10. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Think I have been here for almost the 20 too. Been banned a couple of times so a different name these days. (Got threat of violence from an old admin - so I wound him up and he banned me lol - came back under a different name, told him who I really was - banned me again haha) When software and 'stuff was hard to get hold of - Jamers could usually come up trumps
  11. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    If I remember correctly I got here via the same route as you All1. Can't believe it's been around for 20 years I've met up with a few members. Met Dazling in London, a group including Ness in Blackpool, had a meet in Newcastle, and finally met up with CT and others in Boners pub in Walthamstow. I'm still grateful to Dave for getting me on the tube back to Bethnal Green when I was only capable of talking algebra Long my the Pad keep going. Just need someone to organize another meet up. Any takers?
  12. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Happy birthday! A lot of changes in the world in 20 years but jamerspad is still going strong.
  13. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    If i remember right it was linked very closely to another site that is no longer around and i found Jamers via that other website and as they say the rest is history. All1
  14. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Happy 20th birthday. Forum has taught me a lot and I have met some new friends here over the years. Still say hi to Jamer, Phil and Aide whenever I see them in the flesh and made other friends whom I have never met but still come across regular. Derren
  15. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Same as jasram. Not been here for a while but wanted to wish everyone happy 20th Birthday
  16. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Wow 20 years, not called in for a while but just wanted to say congratulations, not many forums last that long, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY
  17. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    I originally set up JamersPad back in 1997, during this time we have seen many changes to the forum, I have tried to keep up with the latest software and I think we have managed it all okay. Where has this 20 years gone? Thank you to all our members who have remained loyal. We have seen many website come and go and we are still here. We are a little quieter these days but we still have many members, keep them topics coming! Happy birthday JamersPad Thank you Jamer
  18. Fire Extinguisher... What class

    You know what Fonz i looked at wiki and came up with roughly same info but i thought i'll wait a while until the London Fire Brigade (LFB) come back to me with info as if anyone will know they will, well replied to my info request said they are not allowed to give advice of brand or class to buy, i 'm how f**king stupid i can undrestand brand issue but not tell me what class, another example of how this country if screwed beyond workds and anyone who choose to live here is NUTS, i only live here because i can't afford to move. LFB and can't give info out how stupid is that. All1
  19. Fire Extinguisher... What class

    Have a look at this, you may find it useful: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/a-guide-to-fire-extinguishers-that-could-save-your-home-and-your-life-8096157.html
  20. Fire Extinguisher... What class

    Being one of those scummy social housing people, these recent events at Grenfell Tower Fire safety is something that has been on my mind, not that i will ever have to jump from 20 stories tall but none the less it's been on my mind and despite the fact we have fire/smoke alarms it would seem a good move to have some basis fire safety measures here that i could use to tackle a basic fire. We are all electric however i do have 2 very small camping gas bottles in the flat (that run a camping Jetboil Zip fire) other than that i guess at worse were looking at a electrical fire so water is out i guess, I’m thinking a dry powder version but would love someone with fire knowledge to give their input looking for nothing more than a KG in size i guess. It's only a small London (can't even swing a mouse let alone a cat) 1 bed flat but we 10 mins away from our local station and a lot can go wrong in that 10 mins. All1
  21. The more things change.....

    Yep still look in from time to time. Website is bookmarked under favorites. Well done Jamer its all looking good.
  22. I need a screw

    Good luck mate
  23. I need a screw

    Not yet but i'm off to a place next week called Clerkenwell Screws and these are the people a few model railway and model racing car shops have told me to try they do all those micro kind of screws, so hopefully next week will give a result. All1
  24. I need a screw

    Did you find one?
  25. I need a screw

    yep sure it Divvy, im getting a database error on that url right now but i will keep looking
  26. I need a screw

    It is not for a Garmin is it? see here
  27. I need a screw

    I'm in the market for a very small screw, it has to be very small screw indeed. OK enough of the jokes being told the size i need is a M2x125 I have done the usual google and only place i could find was china with a min order of 50,000 so iven i only need one it's overkill, anyone have any idea where i could source this tiny one All1
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