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    JamersPad For Sale

    Still not getting the numbers, so I will not be renewing the hosting next time around guys.
  3. Nothing that I know of mate, gloves I guess
  4. Had a railing put down my front garden path as my balance is bad It is so cold to the touch,is there a pint or something that would stop the cold a bit
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  6. RIP Kirk Douglas, good aged The stage and screen actor was well-known for a range of roles, including the 1960 classic Spartacus, in which he played the titular character. "I'm Spartacus"
  7. Kirk Douglas was one of the last Hollywood golden age actors died yesterday at home here is a news link https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/kirk-douglas-dies-spartacus-670526
  8. I always use SVCD2DVD very good piece of kit
  9. If i hadnt had stroke i would be ok,but cant drive Till docs say so,& son has hurt his back & cant get in car so cant drive me. Cant even walk to bus stop,but would struggle getting on & off anyway.
  10. Yes I am not very up to date on the rules but I know my dad would lose some mobility benefits if he went for the car - he does not have wheelchair etc and I am afraid to proud to use one (yes I bang my head against the wall with him). It all seems rather strange the rules as they don't seem to help everyone in need.
  11. It's been forever for me too but if WonderFox dose not do the job try DVDFab 11
  12. Yes and evey time the is a petition to scrap the television licence fee it gets vandalised so going down this route is no good What we need is a referendum on this "Keep television licence" or "Scrap television licence" of course not everybody is into democracy.
  13. Thank Derren but already got a car through them & you cant have both
  14. https://www.motability.co.uk/about/allowances/
  15. Alloneword good to see you around
  16. It has been terrible in Australia, we wee glad to donate, every little helps..
  17. The BBC TV licence fee is to rise - days after the corporation unveiled huge cuts at the public service broadcaster. The cost of the annual television licence fee will increase from £154.50 to £157.50 from April 1. This comes just days after corporation unveils huge cuts and announced 450 job losses and the axing of award-winning The Victoria Derbyshire Show. Meanwhile, Match of the Day host Gary Lineker has suggested the licence fee should be optional.
  18. Can you not get any help with some sort of benefit Dave?
  19. I urgently need a mobility scooter as i am not allowed to drive after ny stroke. Trapped in house at moment,can only walk short distance with a stick as my balance is gone.Also cos of heart problems. My son was driving me to doctors etc but he has done his back in opening a cardboard box & cant get in the car. I have no money,struggling like everyone else to pay the bills so cant afford taxi etc. Someone suggested crowd funding but no idea how to go about it. Scooter hire firms have turned me down cos of low income. Never felt so down & helpless in my life.
  20. Thanx Fonz,managed to get WonderFox.DVD.Ripper.Pro. Not tried it yet though.
  21. Do people still do this? I have not done this in ages, I used to use Wondershare I think
  22. Whats best prog to copy encrypted dvd films ec
  23. Avast Free Antivirus Selling User Data to Third Parties
  24. Defo not riding my bike down the A13 anymore
  25. Alloneword


    I guess i'm lucky in one way as i have been split from my so called family for many years that way if one of them was to die it would not bother me, however having said that my wife died on the 14th Dec and buried here on the 2nd Jan and to be honest it is the biggest kick in the balls i have ever had and trust me i have had a few in my days, but to lose that many people (who i presumed you loved) then i don't understand how your still standing, i wish i could say something to help but i'm all out of advice m8, i can only give you my best, ever thought Jamer is a jinx 🤣
  26. Yea sod the humans save the fluffy animals..... No not being funny with you but agree i have sent a donation to help the wildlife, my father lives in Adelaide and they had some fires in the hills but nothing near him directly, but i do follow some folks on the gram who live in sydney and they were on the 10th floor of the office and they could not see out the windows due to smoke, very sad, and then comes the floods and hail the size of golf balls, i was joking to my dad on the phone all we need was a plague of locusts and low and behold 2 days later there was a story on the news about a plague of locusts somewhere, not in Aus but just ironic.
  27. I know the feeling Dave, i can see the statin and gabepenten (spelling) there i have them as well and i presume your on a high dose of thinners right now, last time i was here i saw you had issues with driving, i don't know if they told you but you can't drive for a month after your stroke, I presume it was not a haemorrhagic more often it seems to be ischaemic which is what i had about 18 months ago, Dave this is a warning, wake up and smell the coffee m8 you may not be so lucky next time, i saw some scarey sights when i was in hospital and it sh1t the life out of me, i'm lucky hopefully i wont have to worry about things soon but YOU have kids and grankids, change your lifestyle Dave, i'm only being harsh because i do not what your going through, you will be classed as disabled get to the pool when they have disabled sessions i did and it helped a fair bit F U C K what others may think of your it's your life and you are the only one who can change things, i do wish you the very best dave and dont take any offence to what i say i am saying it as i have been through what your going through, all the best. Dont bother replying i won't be here to see it, i only came here for one reason tonight and that was to PM Jamer
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