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    I originally set up JamersPad back in 1997, during this time we have seen many changes to the forum, I have tried to keep up with the latest software and I think we have managed it all okay. Where has this 20 years gone? Thank you to all our members who have remained loyal. We have seen many website come and go and we are still here. We are a little quieter these days but we still have many members, keep them topics coming! Happy birthday JamersPad Thank you Jamer
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    I would like to wish all the members at JamersPad Merry Christmas
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    I thought i poke my head in and the place is pretty dead so thought I post out and ask who is still alive and still kicking!!!!!
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    I will get naked in the member picture post forum if you will?
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    Can always stick pins in you to see if you bounce right up and say owieee! LOL ...hi hi!
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    I am still alive ............I think lol
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    Late to the party but I;m still around...
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    Right now........... it's bloody raining
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    This is my point why not have a bank hol for teenagers who have died it might make us think more about it with this one i hear his name and switch off living in London all i ever hear is SL this and SL that, if we have to have a public holiday then make it about more then one dude, I hate this country with such a passion and if anyone says move, then i would if i could sad to say i'm stuck in this poo hole, anyone want a 1 bed flat 2 minutes from the river rent is only £65,000 a week it's a bargain honestly. All1
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    Nice one Jamer, unfortunately I no longer use FB cos of problems in the past but nice tto see
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    Happy birthday to Jamerspad, good to see a lot of original members still here after so many years, keep up the good work.