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    Forum Upgraded

    Thank you, we ll we have been here since 1997, so 22 years not many sites can say that although I have just paid for another years hosting I am finding it more difficult to justify the constant updates and costs with the lack of use, maybe I need to start looking at new idea's. I am an avid watch enthusiast, also into Apple devices, Sonos so could look at setting up a few forums, not sure open to ideas.
  2. Jamer

    Forum Upgraded

    All the latest features can be found here, lots of new things much faster too.
  3. Jamer

    Forum Upgraded

    I have upgraded the forum today to the very latest version.
  4. Jamer

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!!
  5. Hopefully I will keep the site open but 2019 we need to get some activity here or I am just pissing in the wind so to speak by constantly paying. Maybe we could look at new topics for forums...On FB we do have Area 51 a members only group :)
  6. We are all still here although the site has really dropped off. I am still paying and we have been here for over 20 years but unless it picks up in the New Year I may end up closing it and just running our Facebook Page
  7. Glad to hear it! Follow us on Facebook too mate
  8. Well I have switched to Sky Q for my fibre (already using Q for my TV which is great) however, the Sky Q router wifi is very poor compared to the BT Hub. Still tinkering around and I have an engineer calling tomorrow, not sure what they think he can do that I can't but we will see. Connection at the router is fine but speeds drops MASSIVELY over wifi, which was not the case with BT.
  9. I have been with BT for years and years for my Broadband, I am aware that there have been cheaper options available but I have stuck with them. I have Infinity 2 ( they may have renamed this service now) I currently pay £47.98 per month Broadband - £24.99 Line Rental - £18.99 Free Eve and Weekend Calls - £4.00 My 18 month contract is due to end I believe March 2019. Earlier this year in February I received a letter explaining that there was going to be another small price increase and I had 30 days from the date of the letter in order to be able to leave my contract early because of the price increase, but I was away a lot on business and by time I had got around to calling BT as I had found a much better deal on Vodafone I was 1 day over and the girl more or less sniggered as she informed me. That really wound me up at the time. Guess what? Yes, BT have written to me yet again advising of another price increase in September, again I have received a letter explaining that I have 30 days in which I can leave my contract, so I called BT and the gentlemen who was based in India said that the best that they could offer me was to keep my price the same without the increase for 18 months. I then spoke with Sky, not only have they offered me exactly the same deal but for £30.00 (18 months) but they also reduced my TV package for Sky Q from £74 down to £53 but then gave another £5.00 discount because I was moving my fibre broadband to them, so TV is now £47.00 and Broadband is now £30.00, that is a saving of £830! I told Sky to go-ahead, BT have now contacted me because they have received a cancellation notice, I spoke to a gentlemen who said that he had spoken with his supervisor and could offer me the same Broadband package that I am already on for £1 yes £1 plus £18.99 line rental so a total of £19.99 per month, oh and then he added the £4 for the free evening and weekend calls giving a grand total of £23.99 per month (18 months) I told them to shove it! So BT through their own greed wanted to put my already expensive price of £48 per month up yet again which in turn has promoted me to look at alternatives and now because I am leaving they offer me a price that is less than half the price that I am paying now. I remember from when I had Sky Broadband a longtime ago that it was pretty good, so I hope that there service is still the same.
  10. Well upload some pix when the weather improves :)
  11. Hello!! How is the weather there?
  12. Glad to hear it buddy. It has gone quite maybe we should start sharing again as our numbers have dropped :(
  13. It is there if they site ever goes offline
  14. This any good? https://sanet.st/blogs/softarsiv/direct_message_for_instagram_pro_macos.2620854.html
  15. I think you can only leave a comment on Instagram
  16. Jamer

    FFS what next

    I agree bud, problem is nobody will complain about this because it will upset the PC brigade...
  17. Jamer

    FFS what next

    Our country is buggered mate, this is a complete joke, what about all the other people that have been murdered
  18. You are correct you can just buy a domain and often some hosts will give you some space and email facilities. The good thing about having your own domain is that you get to choose want you want to a degree. Have your tried GMX?
  19. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook here
  20. Hi guys, The website was offline for most of the day yesterday dues to our host changing some file paths however, all has now been resolved thankfully. Can you all please LIKE us on our Facebook Page Here which will continue to use more often especially if this site os offline for any reason. Cheers Jamer
  21. Happy New Year to all at JamersPad
  22. So will you get your money back bud or have you just lost out altogether ?
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