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  1. For Sale and before I list it on eBay. Sky 1TB HD Box complete with remote and WiFi module, it has just sat in my tv unit so it is as you can imagine, like new. £40 + the postage buys it.
  2. This one here looks okay
  3. You can always find updates in future here - https://www.facebook.com/JamersPad/or add me on Facebook
  4. I apologise that the Pad was offline, apparently there was email spam being sent from the server but I was out of the UK and could not access my control panel. I am sure that my host could if simply just suspended the email services on my account instead of taking the website completely offline. Okay were back!
  5. You can buy cheap wireless doorbells in the local DIY for under a tenner, not sure about these ones though
  6. I have the same problem, I think we need to read up on it a little more Dave, well I do before I can get my head around it lol
  7. I have only ever seen the bags advertised that you use with a hoover.
  8. Jamer


    I have looked but they still seem expensive, looking forward to seeing some 4k footage mate :)
  9. We will be wanting your autograph soon mate lol
  10. Yes because you have chosen to follow him you will see all of his activity.
  11. here you go bud have a look HERE
  12. I have 2 x new (used once) Tenvis IP cameras for sale if anyone is interested £20 each, plus PP.
  13. All good Stubbie, have a good time and hope to see you active during 2016.
  14. Feel free to post a link if you find one folks.
  15. Jamer

    Pebble smartwatch

    Oh no that is vile looking! I am tempted to try the Apple Watch but I would have to wear my reading glasses to see it lol
  16. Sounds like Sir Zorro has sorted it for you bud
  17. He had a look this afternoon mate and has no idea. Sorry...
  18. Ok I will show him and see if he knows, he will be here over then next day or so
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