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  1. He had a look this afternoon mate and has no idea. Sorry...
  2. Ok I will show him and see if he knows, he will be here over then next day or so
  3. My mate is a plumber what up mate?
  4. Jamer


    We recently used a pop up tent (2 man) on holiday and it was great! But I would advise to have a look on YouTube to show how to pack it away lol
  5. Jamer


    I used too camp white a bit but sold all my kit about 8 years ago. Thinking of taking it up then?
  6. Jamer

    Drive to work

    I see it everyday CT. It's either women on their phones or doing the eyes with makeup!
  7. I have laminated in the past and although it was initially waterproof, it broke down eventually allowing water in, so glad you have found a solution.
  8. Happy belated birthday Daz
  9. You disappeared again lol
  10. I have just purchased a couple of cheap Tennis camera's for £30 each for the house, they are okay but quality is lacking obviously at this price, I am looking at putting up CCTV outside myself, so I will have a look around and report back if I find something, but I am also looking at the wireless options.
  11. It will never be the same now in my opinion.
  12. This is the message I got back from my mate, hope this helps?
  13. I have a friend who has a shop there I can ask him. You mean like a local advert like Admag?
  14. Jamer


    It was never used so I removed it, just use one of the other forums.
  15. Jamer


    Welcome back! Its good to see you.
  16. Sold now mate, sorry.
  17. I have my Macbook Pro for sale on eBay HERE ! Laptop is mint! Let me know if your interested
  18. Jamer

    not dead yet

    Welcome home!! Good to see you back on the Pad, hope to see you regular again
  19. Good luck mate and upload some photo's!!
  20. Very kind Allone thank you so much Jamer
  21. Looks like I will have to take up ski-ing :)
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