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  1. Well it may have been a good showboat for UK,just hope the tourists don't sue for misleading advertising when they see the real shambles that exists.

    You can be 100% sure that the average joe wont benefit one iota from any revenue that may come in thats for sure


    I totally disagree with you. My cousin has a market stall in the east end of London and since the Stadium opened several months before the main games he business has quadrupled. I bet you have been nowhere near Stratford have you?

    He tells me it's the best thing to have happened to him and the surrounding area, locals say it has really revitalized the whole area and not just around the immediate Stadium. Personally I think your whole attitude towards everything connected to the Olympics has been typical of a lot of people, but most have not even been here to see what is actually been going on and how MASSIVE an improvement it has really been.


    I am surprised how you are turning something positive into a negative, oh well you can't please everybody I guess, maybe you would of been happier if nothing had been done and no bid put forward. :Hmm:

  2. I have read through Sparks and Jamers posts and I must say that I think Jamer handled things properly. Sparks commented about being here 12 years and I can say that I have been to Jamers site much longer than that. I don't know just how long, but I have been disabled for 15 years and know that I spent a lot of time on Jamers bulletin board (not sure if that is the proper term) before he set up this forum. I always liked Jamers site and must say that I have to agree that the forum has worn thin at times. I don't personally know Sparks, but it got a little old with him almost always being either negative or argumentative. I will say that at times he had some good points, but overall I feel that some members have left in the past because of him. While I didn't vote to ask him to leave, as I think that people should have the right to post, I just got to the point where I would ignore most of his posts.

    I have always appreciated the effort Jamer puts into this site and have hoped that it would eventually get back more to it's old form.

    Jamer, thank you for all you do.


    Some nice comments there heavy1, good to see a few of the old names already online! hope that is a sign of things to come :Thumbs_Up1:

  3. I do not say much but what I will say is that I agree with the last post from fonz and from rother. I believe that the forum has lost a lot of really good members over the past few years. It had become a vehicle for sparks to vent his disagreements with almost everything, I am sure he would argue different but I think the forum needs to get back to it's roots. In all honesty I miss the old forum and some of the members, I think his leaving will be a blessing in disguise, I think he has actually done jamer a favour.

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