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  1. If i hadnt had stroke i would be ok,but cant drive Till docs say so,& son has hurt his back & cant get in car so cant drive me. Cant even walk to bus stop,but would struggle getting on & off anyway.
  2. Thank Derren but already got a car through them & you cant have both
  3. I urgently need a mobility scooter as i am not allowed to drive after ny stroke. Trapped in house at moment,can only walk short distance with a stick as my balance is gone.Also cos of heart problems. My son was driving me to doctors etc but he has done his back in opening a cardboard box & cant get in the car. I have no money,struggling like everyone else to pay the bills so cant afford taxi etc. Someone suggested crowd funding but no idea how to go about it. Scooter hire firms have turned me down cos of low income. Never felt so down & helpless in my life.
  4. Thanx Fonz,managed to get WonderFox.DVD.Ripper.Pro. Not tried it yet though.
  5. Whats best prog to copy encrypted dvd films ec
  6. Avast Free Antivirus Selling User Data to Third Parties
  7. But then it would be a Joke......😗
  8. Getting a new Nissan Juke Tekna this friday,courtesy of the Motobility scheme.Only thing is i cant drive it for another couple of week cos of recent stroke! Good thing my son can chauffeur me around. Mine is 6 speed auto gearbox,with rear view & all round camera system. https://www.nissan.co.uk/vehicles/new-vehicles/juke/intelligent-mobility.html?&cid=psmFnhbaaNk_dc%7cD%7cpgrid%7c89121530835%7cptaid%7ckwd-449954930555%7cpcrid%7c410186616862%7cslid%7c%7cintent=XO
  9. Luckily they are chewable!!!🤣
  10. My tablets for this evening,glad i dont have to swallow the big ones
  11. Very confused & muddled at moment Had minor stroke on saturday & struggling a bit at moment but on meds & should recover fully in time.
  12. Been given a Toshiba 32w433d tv Cant find manual or info about it.Main thing is what format video needs to be on external usb drive,not found anythat will play yet.
  13. He is son to be an Ex cocker,
  14. A definate case of "ouch" & a lot more i suspect
  15. Only 1 really Any ideas on how to remove Admin/bios password please
  16. daveb47

    Antivirus etc

    Thanks Cobra,should do what i want it to do
  17. daveb47

    Antivirus etc

    Whatsc best totally free Antivirus/security software please.
  18. daveb47

    We are back

    We are back,.......Bout bloody time🤗😛 Thanks Jamer for sorting it.
  19. goldies.us now redirects to https://daveb47's Den . Also updated list of sections
  20. Unfortunately i am on full mobility benefits but i have a car fom motobilty & cant have a scooter as well. Cant drive at moment so my son drives me to hospital etc but he works so not often available,need scooter to get to docs,chemist etc.
  21. Has anyone got an old Mobility Scooter,sitting around doing nothing,i need something to get to blood tests & doctors.Or where i can rent one cheap,cant afford the £60 plus per month that they are asking,dont feel safe driving my motobility car at moment.Doesnt have to be working perfectly as my son can sort out any problems.Trapped indoors at moment.Ideas anyone please
  22. In light of Ipb ban & deletion of forum i have moved all to Simple Machines software.Please register & help us to grow. https://daveb47.co.uk Cheers
  23. Yup,not seeing him again either
  24. Changing docs right away,best of it is that i had a load of tests recently & specialist doubled the dosage?
  25. Now trying to work out why my brain is not actually connected to my body????
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