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  1. Unfortunately i am on full mobility benefits but i have a car fom motobilty & cant have a scooter as well.

    Cant drive at moment so my son drives me to hospital etc but he works so not often available,need scooter to get to docs,chemist etc.

  2. Has anyone got an old Mobility Scooter,sitting around doing nothing,i need something to get to blood tests & doctors.Or where i can rent one cheap,cant afford the £60 plus per month that they are asking,dont feel safe driving my motobility car at moment.Doesnt have to be working perfectly as my son can sort out any problems.Trapped indoors at moment.Ideas anyone please

  3. Just had another heart scare,week in hospital.

    Seems that my doctor has been giving me tablets that not only did i not need but have reduced my potasium & other elements in my body to virtually zero.

    just spent 3 days with a 24 hour drip in each arm having it replaced,over 5 litres in total.


    Nowv home to find that someone has reported me to Dcma for god knows what & my forum has been taken down,hosting canceled & my Ipb licence canceled.

    Dont know why,bugger all on forum to upset anyone.

    sod em,cant be arsed tbh.

    May do Wordpress site or something,its more to keep me occupied as housebound now.
    anyone got ideas on content etc

  4. Anyone fancy doing a header & footer logo for my new forum,mainly about cctv & stuff, using my old goldies.us addy.

    Nothing on there to compete with here.

    Any ideas or help appreciated

    To be honest only doing it as now housebound & need something to do!






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