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  1. Great little tip many thanks cobra will save me loads of time, will do it that way rather that using temp email accounts etc
  2. No idea m8 I'm lost, i just find is so funny what a bunch of wa*kers All1
  3. No not bothered about followers it's just something i thought of to save me having to make new accounts all the time, i just wanted to save myself some hassle but i have looked into it more and from what i can find everyone wants payment via bitcoin etc and i dont use any of that crypto stuff, si it does look like im stuck doing it the old fashioned way 🙁 All1
  4. First off i'm not going to do anything that is against the law here, i'm just trying to save myself some time. Every time i post to someone they block me (i think they don't like me, whatever) so rather then buy a few sims and setting up tons of account myself which i could do i just can't be bothered i was wondering about buying say 100 account, not going down TOR/DarkWeb as i dont know enough about it so done a simple google search and tons of options to do this but was looking for some advice on sites i may be able to trust, and any payment hints, i don't use crypto money so options may be limited any help or feedback would be welcome. All1
  5. United states of Europe, bring it on (jk) I have given up with all this sh1t Dave, we voted and it was tight but majority said out, so out it should be, off course we have no idea what kind of out we were going to get but with people now calling for a 2nd vote it proves to me democracy is dead within the uk, if we have another vote and staying in or going out is on the paper, i don't mind a vote on what kind of deal but if you go back to the country asking if we should be in or out then you are sticking 2 fingers up to democracy. Sure people change their minds and no crime in that however when the gen election comes along and its a 5 year fixed deal and i don't like the PM after 18 months can we hold another election, no off course you can't and same is for brexit, however given i don't expect to be here for too long (health issues) i don't give much of a sh1t now they are all a bunch of C U N T S and sooner someone does a guy fawkes the better
  6. Any major news or just bug fixes?
  7. Alloneword


    Bit harsh, I always found DJ an all right bloke 🤗
  8. Understandable but if we go Facebook route i will not be moving over to it, just can't trust them sorry m8. All1
  9. I pop in every day but it's very quiet nowadays All1
  10. Honestly if it ain't screwed down someone will nick it, about 5 years ago we had a spate of man hole cover being nicked in the middle of the night, something to do with the price of scrap metal being high and they weigh a ton, trouble is it leaves a hugh fooking hole in the road and lighting round here is pants, so we have pushbikers and motorcyclists going down the almost and writing of their bikes etc not to mention it done to cars as well. Crazy place to live..
  11. Seems not https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46212179 All1
  12. Damm right she can, i'm paying £21.99 but because they have messed me about they are going to put me down to £18.99 but that is as i say because they have screwed me about and getting 80Mbits, she also needs to look at Quidco & Topcashback and also maybe hang on for a month or 2 as often they throw a credit card in with some cash on it as well, but just had a nose and deals seem cr@p right now if she can i would hold off till after crimbo when funds are tight and BT are trying to grab folks, if i hear of a decent deal i will post back here for ya All1
  13. What do you mean? Just joking looks like i am going to have to go through her whole feed and see what i can gain from that, ok thx Rother All1
  14. If i follow someone called fred jones but they do not follow me is there anyway i can send a tweet to fred jones and everyone that he follows? Reason being i'm following someone and i want other people to know how useless they are at their job and want to embarrass them by posting some truthfull tweets All1
  15. My v6 of the hub is not great for reliablility that was is why i'm going for a wired CCTV system rather than IP cameras have not reported it yet but i will this week and see what they say, funny how we moan about speed issues i remember your Times article where you were moaning about being stuck on dial up, now look were moaning if we don't get 50mbits
  16. OK thanks guys in that case i'll go with Snapfish and i'm blind as a bat so not idea if a print is decent or not. All1
  17. Like you i'm on BT and had signed an 18 month contract about 6 months ago and got £150 credit card £80 cashback and then they go with the price increase, so waited till i got my email and was able to get it down to £21.99 but if i went DD i could knock another £2 a month off that making it £19.99 18 month new contract and a speed increase giving me 80/20 (no idea what it is called) and as a rule they are ok for me anyway. I will NEVER give sky another penny, even if they offered me 1gbit service for nothing i would turn it down, some companies do something so bad you never go back and Sky is one of them. Sometimes you have to make a stand and with Sky/Dixons etc i take a stand with them and they can shove their service up their rear end, that being said i hope the move goes well. All1
  18. Divvy have you used these yourself, if so what is the quality like? All1
  19. Looking for cheapish but good quality online photo printing service (7x5) anyone have any personal recommendations? All1
  20. HI All, not a great post this one but something that i have to do while i can. I have just had a stroke and have come out of this on very well, compared to others i had seen on the wards. and has made me to make some life changing decisions. Now i know the only thing in life that is guaranteed is we will all die one day, however one fear i now have is having another stroke and being left a vegetable (no fooking emoji for that one Jamer) and i do not want that for myself or my Mrs although she says she would be happy to look after me but i can't face that, so some things i need to work out, first off she know sod all about the internet so all bill will be changed to a provider that works offline not ONLY online, all bills will be joint name, bank accounts have already been done. On top of this comes a very sticky issue and that is what happens to me when i have another stroke and I’m a veggie, well for me it's easy give me a massive overdose of some drug and send me on my way like i would do with a pet (if i had one) but this cannot happen in the uk if my understanding is right, I want to be able to have something drawn up that nobody can object to saying if I’m in a situation where i have no control over making my own decisions then I would want the quickest way to die, which i presume would be withdrawing of all food and fluids that way i guess i would be dead within a week not as quick as i would have liked but at it's only a week of suffering not decades. In a nutshell IMO English law if fooked up in this kind of area and am looking for the best way to die (meaning quickest) rather than being stuck in my own body with some stranger wiping my backside, now having said that if there is no realistic way of doing something like this I will be left with no option but to look at jumping before being pushed and that is not something i can discuss in any great detail on here as Jamer could be in the dodo, but if you want to chat away from here drop me a PM and I will give you my email addy or mobile number. All1
  21. Thanks for the offer likewise i have B&W only myself, had it for about 4 years and this is the first time i could do with a colour one, I have rang a few places but i'm not paying £50
  22. Down here in London it's between £200-£300 which to be honest seems a bit steep but that's London for you i guess
  23. I need about 30-50 pages printed off (just on normal paper will do) in colour from a laser printer, and posted back to me in a way so they are not folded in any way, of course I will cover costs ete. If anyone can help just let me know how much it will cost and i can paypal payment over to you. All1
  24. I have posted about CCTV/IP cameras before and in the end done nothing about it but time is up and i will bite the bullet very soon. I will need a hard wired system with at least 2 cameras, with it's own drive to cap everything, it will also be very handy to be able to exclude certain bits of the cameras view so i don't cap back gardens etc, night vision and also the option to stream to my droid phone. So I have a few questions for anyone who knows anything about this stuff, how much would this lot would cost to install if i supplied all the kit, were are on the first floor so ladders will be needed but NO roof work, i want a quality install job done not some sh1t work, also any suggestions on buying my own kit i want decent night vision and of course decent video quality as well. Also any other tip or things i should be looking out for? All1
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