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  1. Sakura

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year folks, all the best for 2019 x
  2. Nah your early for next years Xmas lol...........kidding better late than never 😂😁
  3. Merry Christmas folks, hope you all have a fantastic one xx
  4. Hey my Dave ^_^ ...glad to see you still about :) hey! I guess some of you have to get nakid then LOL! Hmmm don't think I remember you
  5. I am errr around or those that know me know I am kinda around on Facebook most days playing games mostly lol! Totally understandable x
  6. Its great to see you guys still around and alive and kicking, people all seems to disappeared off the forum.
  7. Can always stick pins in you to see if you bounce right up and say owieee! LOL ...hi hi!
  8. I thought i poke my head in and the place is pretty dead so thought I post out and ask who is still alive and still kicking!!!!!
  9. LOL that be hard to beat, think A1W lives and breathes here!
  10. Ohhh a blast from the pass ..good to see you! I am ok ty
  11. ..yes its my little bit to those poor childrens
  12. Oh thats cool :) ARghhh I am again currently unemployed and looking for work, wish I can tell you some super duper job ..but blinking everyone seems to be unemployed! I do one day a week volunteering for a childrens charity shop and thats about it. And I don't rem about you in web design lol..you probably told me but I kinda scatty and have sieve memorys!
  13. Ah I see, so you used to live by Jamers then?! And where is Jamers, you replied once and not said boo on this thread since lol! You have to entertain me if you want me to stick around LOL
  14. I didnt know you live so close by?! I best take a better look at your pic so if I see you I leg the other way haha! ...but on a more serious tone, I live in Walsall and it seems so cold to me, mind it's probably colder in the house, got me cardi, tshirt, leggings, skirt and socks on lol!!
  15. There maybe sunshine but its bloody cold and chilly lol
  16. Hi hi Scrambler! Happy Sunday all
  17. I am so bored, not much is happening here! Jamers lured me back with candy in the form of an email but it sooooooooo quiet here! So talk to me?!
  18. Haha funny Liam! Hmm yeah now that you mentioned it, I forgot to reply, last time i was on previous to yesterday the pc crashed when i tried to access the pm to reply ROTFL!
  19. LOL nope i put clogs on too and do some clogs dancing :Cool: LOL!
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