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  1. marc515151

    JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Happy birthday! A lot of changes in the world in 20 years but jamerspad is still going strong.
  2. marc515151

    CCTV advice please

    IP cameras are ok, they link through your local network. Its just ensuring you get a DVR that supports the IP Camera being used
  3. marc515151

    CCTV advice please

    £100-£200 will get you a cheap cctv standalone system (4channel +) a good quality camera is about £60-£100. The camera can be mounted on a wall, run a cat5 cable from the cctv system to the camera. The 4 pairs are then used to power the camera and for video feed. Pair 1 - VIDEO+. Pair 2 - VIDEO-. PAIR 3 - POWER+. Pair 4 - POWER-. depending on the camera you buy you may have to fit a BALUN, this converts the cat5 to a BNC connector. The same connector will be used on the system end to input the signal to the BNC input on the system. You then connect the power supply at the system end too. Sound complicated but pretty simple.
  4. marc515151

    1st april 1975 info needed

    Hey guys, A guy I work with (in BT as an engineer in Northern Ireland) is celebrating his 40 years working for BT. he started working on 1st april 1975. We are trying to find interesting facts from that date/month/year. Can anyone get the front pages of newspapers for this date? or provide some facts if possible. Thanks! Marc
  5. marc515151

    Photo slideshow on TV

    this is exactly what i need! can you point me in the direction of where to get it as i cant seem to get a working one
  6. marc515151

    Photo slideshow on TV

    hey all! i need to put around 100 photos into a slideshow and then burn it onto a dvd disk so that it will play on a dvd player over TV's during a party. Anyone recommend a software that will do a fancy effect between photos and burn it to a dvd? thank you!
  7. marc515151

    Recording telephone calls?

    my only real issue is getting the phone connection into the computer, it must go in through a phono connector which is already on the computer
  8. marc515151

    Recording telephone calls?

    Its for a normal landline not a mobile, sorry i didnt make that clear
  9. marc515151

    Recording telephone calls?

    Anyone provide some help in recording telephone calls. The recording will be done by a cctv computer with a phono input. So i need a way to take the phone cable and get it into a photo connection so i can record the entire call. Any help would be great!
  10. marc515151

    RIP Milky

    Rip milky
  11. marc515151

    Business Phone Solution Needed

    I no I work for BT but its not something I deal with in my line of work so cant find the best solution yet. A friend owns a business which only opens evenings and weekends. The phone he has is for incoming calls only and cannot make outgoing calls. At the end of the night the staff turn and answer machine on and then off when they open again. The staff are forgetting to check the answering machine and missing bookings and customers are reluctant to leave messages. Is there a better solution to this problem. Call divert is an option to a mobile number but want to see what else we can come up with. Any help would be great.
  12. marc515151

    Prerecorded message

    Whats the software name?
  13. marc515151

    Prerecorded message

    Hey all, im looking vfor the cheapest way to have a pre-recorded message played when someone rings a business landline number, then at the end if the customer stas on hold then the phone will ring. Other option is have a call routing option where cusomer presses a number for specific department. Now i no there are expensive PBX systems that do this but i need a cheap option Any help or ideas would be great
  14. marc515151

    Contract of employment

    brilliant, that answers that part of my question. next question. When Blue INC do decide to issue new contracts to the existing D2 employees does that then mean they are as such, new members of staff? where they will have to work for a year before getting benefits such as maternity pay or is it seen more as an update to her existing contract and on paper will mean she has worked for blue inc for a number of years instead of a new employee?
  15. marc515151

    Contract of employment

    anytime she asks for a new contract she gets told that Blue INC are still working out issues with some peoples old contracts and the benefits they where offered which the new company does not want to offer and said they can issue new contracts until these issues are resolved. so that would mean then the old contract from the start of employment with D2 is valid