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Found 1 result

  1. I'm in the market for a cheap (ish) fluke multimeter? The prices they go for on fleabay are a joke, it does not hve to be new in fact i'm hapopy with second hand, maybe a spare one at work is kicking around..... I have no need for manual or box or even leads, it's just i'm trying to learn a wee bit more about electrics and having a cheap MM is just not going to cut it. Given i don't know the right termanology please bear with me, my cheapo MM has, hell uploaded pic to stop any misunderstanding, so this is what i have and i want one where you just swith to volts and it will give a reading be that 1.5 or 240v no messting about with switching dials etc, so anyone help with right termanology for what i'm after or even better a MM? All1