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Anyone ever claimed back PPI?

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I have and I used a Company called "The Claims Guys".

I know they get 30% but even after their cut I still got £8500 so it was worth paying them and they even went back to the early 80's

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I had PPI on my mortgage with a building society that did not exist anymore.

The PPI people called and wanted my case

NO wonder at 30% of anything they get

You might have been happy Macs with someone taking your dosh for doing 2 hours work (in your case you must have been due over 12K)

I was not and told em to do one.

In all honesty - I would rather get nothing than fill their pockets with my actual money.

A bit of research (not hard) I found that the original building society had been bought out by the Halifax

I went on the Halifax site and they had a section that just deals with PPI.


I had long lost the paying in book - no online banking in those days and no idea what the account number was.

All I could supply was my name and the address of the property.

They had to physically go through old paperwork (from the old society) but they found it and I was paid a decent lump (with no 30% taken of)

6 months after I had been paid out, I received another cheque for £122.30 and a letter explaining that I had left £14 in an account and it had accrued interest. :)


MY advice - do your own digging before letting the leeches have a go. They have no more resources than you do.


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Good advice Rother.

You could also take a look at the consumer action group forums, there's stacks of information there.

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I have been toying with the idea for sometime, however mine and the wives financial affairs are not straight forward, and i'm in 2 minds what to do.


I know i can get money of some stuff myself but others are going to be a lot of work for me to get anything back and i guess 70% of something is better then 100% of nothing.



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Best get ya skates on then - it all ends soon, and forever.

MIne was also complicated by an ex-wife. The mortgage was in joint names and I wasn't going to contact her

For 1, Ive not seen her in umpteen years and she is a right cow

For 2, she screwed me royally in the divorce, ending up with the house (of said mortgage) and me to pay for it for the next 20 years,

I struck lucky though - even though the house/mortgage was in both our names, the building society account was just in mine.

This meant they could proceed without her signing owt - or knowing about it. :)

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