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1.How do I become a Full member?
In order to become a member & gain full access to all the members areas, you must have made at least 15 quality posts & be registered for a minimum period of 7 days.Membership will be automatic.

2.Do I need to declare my age?
JamersPad is aimed at a general audience. This means our site is designed for 13 year olds and older. Everything must be aimed at this year level and older. Explicit, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, porn and so forth is not allowed. If you are under the legal Adult age of 16, you must make us aware of this fact, either by emailing the Webmaster or notifying a Moderator. Any member found to be under 16 years old, who has not declared there age, will be banned!

3.What language does this forum allow?
JamersPad is English only

My Profile

4.How big can my signature be & what restrictions apply to my signature?
Please keep the size of any signature to below 10-12Kb & Max Dimensions Approx 70 x 160 or somewhere very near, (Height & Width in Pixels). As larger images really do slow the forums down! Please do not use moving gifs in both avatar & signatures. Please do not advertise any other forum or website within your signature without first seeking the permission of the Webmaster. Do not link to similar sites to that of JamersPad or you will face an instant ban!

5. Can I link to my own Avatar & what are the size limits?
Yes, you can link to a url, for your own avatar, but the avatar, MUST BE no bigger than 15kb in size & a Maximum Dimension of 160 x 130 (Height & Width in Pixels). Any linked avatars, which are above these sizes, will be removed & the user will be warned! Above all, ALL avatars must blend in with the forum colours (transparent) & must look smart, or again they will be removed. Gallery avatars are exempt from the rules, you will find these galleries within your profile.

Things That Are NOT Acceptable

6. Am I allowed to swear?
Please keep foul language to a minimum, any excessive un-called for language will be removed and you will receive a final warning.

7. What happens if I get into an argument with another member?
A good argument is allowed, but any abuse to another member will not be tolerated.

8. Spamming
Please do not spam! If there is a good site worth looking at please post it once! In the kickin Sites Forum. Continued pointless or "cut'n'paste" posts may be removed & you may receive a warning or a deduction in your post count.

9. What if I want to leave here
As a registered member here, you are free to leave at anytime, however, please do not under any circumstances start encouraging others to join you, especially if you reasons for wanting to leave involve something or someone here! If something is bothering you, then try approaching a member of staff in the first instance, if you are still unhappy with any outcome, feel free to leave, you are not forced to stay. Adding fuel to any issue is not wise & can only make things worse, defusing any situation is always the best option.Anyone seen to be fueling an issue or deliberately having a direct dig at this site will face a ban immediately.

Posting Considerations

10. What are the posting rules on piracy stuff?
Please code your links!!! within the code brackets - NO LIVE links!

11. Can I post without searching first?
Search is there for a reason & you will probably find what you are looking for in most cases, so please search first before posting as the topic/post may already exist!

12. Which forum should my post be in?
Remember to post in the correct forum. Take your time to look at other topics and see where your topic should go. If your topic is placed in the wrong forum, it will be moved by a moderator, you may also face a warning.

13. I would like to post a picture is this ok?
Only post pictures/images if it is really necessary, as images slow the forums down. Pictures/images must be no bigger than 640W x 780L in dimension, as any bigger and they over stretch the pages. All personal (non commercial) pictures posted/uploaded to our system become the copyright of JamersPad and by submitting your images you agree to these terms.

14. Can I make duplicate threads in different forums?
Please refrain from making duplicate threads, I appreciate that there are several forums, which may cover a topic that you want to start, but please only select the most appropriate forum in which to make your post, as this can become confusing to other users.

15. Can I post or link to adult humour & images?
Please do not post or link to any adult content images or adult humour in the public forums as minors may be viewing!

16. Hijacking...
There will be NO Hijacking of threads on JamersPad. Hijacking is where someone posts within a thread to cause it to change subjects to something other than what was originally created. Such posts will be deleted without reason. Multiple hijackings will result in a temp ban and could lead to a permanent ban..

17. Trolling.
Do Not create a thread to disturb the forum or to cause deliberate conflict between members.

Restrictions & Rules About Linking To Other Websites

18. Can I promote another Forum or Website?
Please DO NOT promote or link to any other Forum in an effort to gain members from JamersPad! any such posts will be removed. Please do not link to website's with similar topics to JamersPad without seeking permission from a member of our staff first! or your post will be removed & you may face a ban. These similar topics, would include all the topics covered in our own forums, if you are unsure,please ask one of the moderators for advice, prior to making your post.

19. Can I link to my website within my signature?
PLEASE DO NOT link to other sites within your signature, without first seeking permission from a member of our staff.

Admins & Moderators

20. Who are the Admins & Moderators & how do I contact them?
To see a list of the current Admins & Moderators & their contact details go here

21. What do I do if I disagree with a Moderators decision to edit or remove one of my posts?
DO NOT under any circumstances start to flame that Moderator in ANY of the forums!or you will face an Instant ban! Instead, either email or send a private message to Jamer or Tat2Bob with your complaint & it will be looked into & dealt with accordingly. Alternatively, try contacting the Moderator directly in an attempt to resolve any dispute amicably.

22. What actually happens if I am banned?
If you are banned, this could be for a set time period or even permanent. If you share your computer or connection with another member of JamersPad, unfortunately, they will also have a default ban because of your behavior. This is because we would also ban your IP address.

23. How do I become a Moderator?
In order to be considered as a Moderator, you must have a good history here!in the past, you will have been as helpful as possible & you must have always considered others when making your posts & comments. You cannot apply to become a Moderator,this is an invitation only position, however, we have a staff room, where we discuss all sorts of things, so if you are an outstanding member, you will no doubt already be on our list of possibilities. Please do not mini-mod. We'd like to encourage and thank members to use the report button but not add their own criticism.

General Information On JamersPad

24. I want to make a donation to JamersPad, how do I do this?
If you would like to make a donation please contact Jamer via PM.
All donations are gratefully received & help towards the cost of running this site.

25. Can I use any of the graphics from JamersPad?
Please do not use any of the graphics from JamersPad without the sole permission of Jamer.

26. May I set up something using the name JamersPad?
No! Please do not attempt to use the JamersPad name or logo for anything! If you want to use anything related to JamersPad, you must first contact Jamer for his permission.

27. Can I my have my own email address @ JamersPad?
Yes you can make your request, just email Jamer for details. Please note that you must use your email address sensibly, anyone who uses their email address to spam or cause a nuisance, will have this feature immediately removed & possibly face further action.

28. What are the email settings for my JamersPad email address?
Account type:mailbox
User name:Youremailaddress@jamerspad.com(username)
Password: anything
Pop: srv9-pop3.servage.net.
Smtp: smtp1.servage.net

29. Can the rules change from time to time on JamersPad?
Yes, JamersPad reserve the right to change these rules at any time without notice.

30. Can my account here ever be deleted?
The admin, reserves the right to terminate an account without discussion at any time and without the need for explanation.

Warning Levels

Explanation of Warning Levels
Only you as well as our staff can view your warning level. If normal this will be set to 0 (0-3max) no other members can view these levels.If you receive a warning, you will be notified either via email or pm, together with an explanation of why you have received your warning. (Usually a breach of the forum rules) If you receive 3 warnings or more within a 60 day period you will automatically face a 60 day ban, however if your warning level increases by only 1, this again will automatically stay in place for 60 days, it with then revert back to 0 once 60 days has lapsed.

Rules Summary

Here is a summary of the Rules
All the above Rules also apply to Private Messages. JamersPad does not review or monitor any web sites linked to the site and are not responsible for the content of any such linked web sites.Your linking to such web sites is at your own risk.All posts are property of the poster. This forum and all web sites owned in conjunction with this forum have the right to request alteration or deletion of any offensive post. Posts may be deleted for any reasons the forum administrators deem reasonable.We require all posts to be positive, constructive, and on topic. We may delete individual posts that could ruin a good topic thread.
We reserve the right to remove any topics we deem inappropriate or disruptive to our community. Please note that, from time to time, topics may be removed for being inappropriate even though your individual post in that topic may have been perfectly fine. Please do not feel this reflects badly on you.Well you have now read the rules & that is basically it, above all, if you are unsure about a post you are about to make, try asking first! Moderators are there to help! Use common sense & keep this forum alive & a fun place to be!
Any help towards the cost of the bandwidth, required to run this site, is gratefully received with a small donation, this is not compulsory, but it does help!! E.mail the webmaster, for address details, & payment methods. By proceeding to post you agree to these rules and must obey them at all times.Refusal to obey these rules will result in the appropriate responsive actions.Thank You.

Membership Status

Administrator - Administrator

Moderator - Moderator

Grand Master - 6000 posts

VIP Member - Invitation ONLY

Pad Master - 3000 posts

Pad Junkie - 1600 posts

Veteran - 800 posts

Established Member - 350 posts

Full Member - 15 posts

Newbie - Registered

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