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Found 1 result

  1. So when i first came online in 99 i took out a cracking email address with Tesco.net myapartment@tesco.net I thought it was awesome and it served me well for all this time, however the barstewards at Tesco's have gone and shut the whole thing down in a couple of months and i feel lost I have spoken about email addys before but always wanted to keep hold of "myapartment" but now i have no choice. So do i have this right? To get a permeant email address that i have control over i first need to buy a domain, say alloneword.com (it's gone) and then i could have various email address like mum@alloneword.com, dad@alloneword.com etc etc and i presume these would work with an email client like Thunderbird with the right setting etc that would be provided by the hosting company? So if i have the above right is there anything i need to be aware of (or stay away from) as far as the hosting company is concerned? I wil need decent support at the very least a chat option, i have been with a company who only offered email support and that was about as useful as a wet paper bag Any other advice is welcome; I just don't want to be put in this position again. All1
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