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  1. I would like to wish all the members at JamersPad Merry Christmas
  2. I am here and yes I like the idea of regenerating the member picture post forum :)
  3. Welcome back! Nice to see you guys are still around, hope your staying for a while...
  4. Howdy bro, good to see you back
  5. Web Dragon

    And finally

    Happy days, good luck with everything that you do during your retirement.
  6. I totally disagree with you. My cousin has a market stall in the east end of London and since the Stadium opened several months before the main games he business has quadrupled. I bet you have been nowhere near Stratford have you? He tells me it's the best thing to have happened to him and the surrounding area, locals say it has really revitalized the whole area and not just around the immediate Stadium. Personally I think your whole attitude towards everything connected to the Olympics has been typical of a lot of people, but most have not even been here to see what is actually been going on
  7. Oh no!!! lol we will have to stop talking about him now LMAO
  8. Web Dragon

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    I had one today only
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