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  1. Cujo is my nephew.  He's doing well, and he works in the Canadian Prime Minister's office.  Did you forget me?  What about Sharky, Basketball Cujo, Charlotte's Web andBeebo?  All are well and moved on to Facebook.

  2. Congratulations Mac! Have a happy retirement. Most of my friends who have retired say they don't know how they had time to go to work. I have another year and a half to go until I can retire, but not sure I will just yet.

  3. I tried to help, but was greeted by this;


    The Cutest Baby Competition is Closed



    Due to the general ignorance of a vocal minority of users, we have decided to close the BabyVote Cutest Baby Competition early.

    Congratulations to the winner Annabelle Freebairn with 305 votes, who's parents we shall be emailing regarding the £250 Mothercare vouchers.

    Our apologies to those all the people who enjoyed the competition for what is what meant to be, not what it was perceived to be.

  4. We're still enjoying nice fall weather here in Canada with mild temperatures (shirt sleeve weather most afternoons) and beautiful multi-coloured leaves. I've still got a lot of outdoor work yet to do before the snow flies, so I hope we don't get any of the white stuff yet. LOL!


    Thanks for the welcome everyone.

  5. Welcome DC,


    You are at the best site on the internet. All the members here are available to help the other members. One thing, other than the members themselves, that make this the best site on the net is everyone obeys the few rules we have. If you follow that concept and make sure that you are familiar with the rules, you will have a long life on this site. Many of the members have been here for a very long time so something is being done right. Again, welcome and enjoy.



    Long time?! Naw! I've only been here FIVE years!


    Welcome aboard! We are a fun bunch!

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