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  1. What about getting one of the usb ICE tags with all the info on that m8. thinking about it myself for on the motorbike.
  2. Happy birthday m8 :Thumbs_Up1:
  3. gogs

    And finally

    Enjoy life now m8. do all those things now that you couldn't do before as work got in the way.. all the best
  4. gogs

    Abu Hamza

    think your mixing up your Abu's m8. Hamza is still in the USA in jail. Qatada has just been released from prison fighting deportation to Jordan
  5. a well quoted phrase where I work......."the job's f*cked"
  6. Think you might just have answered your own question Dave. VW trike builders forum. don't know what all's out there already but I'm sure there's room for another.
  7. i like the shed and tissues as an also bought.....just completes the whole picture....lol
  8. Your catching up Jim lad. Happy birthday guys.
  9. Just got an email from virgin saying they are hiking the cost of my broadband by £2 a month. To top that off the inclusive evening and weekend calls are moving from 6pm-6am onto 7pm-7am. Talk about ripping the sh1t out of it. although their service to me has been quite good, i feel it's maybe time to look around. Any suggestions welcome. needs to be unlimited 24/7, not too bothered about inclusive call deals. don't fancy talk talk as my bro has had a lot of crap dealing with them but open toother suggestions.
  10. That is definately taking the p*ss. What a difference they ahve made and for the better. They should be charging the flaming Highways agency.
  11. gogs

    Happy New Year!

    To you and yours as well m8. Heading off out to the local Hogmanay party in the city. 4 bands and compered by comedian Craig Hill (poof in a kilt) hope for a good night.
  12. gogs


    Been trying to get on there myself but I believe the invites are closed
  13. I'm getting depressed now. Got back tonight about 6.15 after having a bloody fantastic time. we stayed with friends for the first week in Linazay and then headed over to Switzerland. the roads in France are good but we suffered a bit from the remnants of some bloody hurricane. we had a horendous trip down to Hull and then force 7-8 gales on the way to Zebbrugge. The ferry also lost an engine during the night and we docked 3 hours late. Then it was a blast all the way through northern France via Calais, Tours and Le Mans before getting to my friends about 9.30pm. When we left there we heade
  14. as the title says, we are under starters orders for lunchtime today as we are of on our hols. Myslef and the missus are heading of on the bike (Goldwing) to tour round France, Switzerland and hopefully Northern Italy via the Alps before heading back up towards Belgium to catch the ferry home again. Should be in the region of 3k miles in all. Never riden a bike abroad before so fingers crossed. Driven a car but they say it's easier on the bike. Only time will tell. See you in 2 weeks........
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