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  1. RIP dude, not spoken in a few years. Missed but not forgotten
  2. Bazz

    Hello again

    How ya doing Daz?? Long time no here from, hope your well. :)
  3. Bazz

    Hello again

    Actually I have just thought, that's 12 years ago since I found Jamerspad the first time round! I am actually getting old now.
  4. Bazz

    Hello again

    Thanks guys been doing other things so haven't been much on forums :( Maybe I should stay a while this time? Hey Jamer good ta, hope you are too, still see some of the regular crew from years gone by still here :) Bazz
  5. Bazz

    Hello again

    Hi guys, just checking through old links and bumped into this. As I still have an account I decided to say hi. Hows everyone doing??
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