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Old names...


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Loaded up an old sites.dat file for Flash FXp and had a look through all the old sites - where did all these folk go to....






Condemned Soul






Homer Simpleton





Monkey Wrench

NK Irish Stevie




Silent Strider





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My cousin was a  member some time ago I think the name he used was Cujo or something like this

And My mate was a member too but I don't remember the name he used.


You won't see them on here any more it's the jobs they have (not a lot of spear time)

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Cujo is my nephew.  He's doing well, and he works in the Canadian Prime Minister's office.  Did you forget me?  What about Sharky, Basketball Cujo, Charlotte's Web andBeebo?  All are well and moved on to Facebook.

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I'm not well versed with computers but have taken some very good guidance and downloads from members here in the past.

I used to visit here regularly (2nd home) for quite a long time in order to keep up with or add to the fire-works and to compliment and cajole friends who I'd gained.

It was during those daily visits that I was able to stumble upon or be directed to those threads that were able to lift me from my cyber-ignorance as best as could be done and in those helpful threads, finding even more Pals.

I'm certain that the Pad still has lots to offer technically and otherwise, but there doesn't seem to be a beating heart here anymore.

It seems as though our "snowball" was rolled back up its hill and needs to roll back down again so as to bulk itself back up.

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Not here as much as I used to be, and I totally agree with and1and sites like facebook and twitter are killing off sites like this, but we few who still pop in can keep this place alive, Jamer did a hell of a job setting this place up all those years ago and keeping it running for so long we cant let the place just vanish into the night!

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Perhaps we who care about this place can do a wee bit more than just say what a great place this is and that Jamer's done a good job, Jedi.

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Perhaps the folks like you and I can cause some sort of spark or other so as to snag some the great many "looky-loos" who frequent this place so very often.


Let's bait some hooks, Bud.

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