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Can we have an Apple forum?


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If we have an apple forum can we get a android forum too pls.


In the last 2 quarters Motorola have sold more razr + razr maxx than apple have sold IP4 + IP4s

And Samsung are set to overtake this just selling the sgs3.


I think a sub forum in the mobile part will be best jamer.

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OO b.t.y If you have a ip4 or iPod and a lot of bits for it ie sound docks that type of thing you are not going to like the IP5 as it has a new plug on the bottom.

Some new 15 or 19 pin type plug.


So all the accessories you have now will not be any good after the new ip5 comes out and the price on them OLD accessories will drop a LOT so think about selling them sooner.

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