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Infopath Assistance?


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Hey Guys

Firstly, very sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't too sure where to put it.


I've just started teaching myself infopath to build forms for my workplace (we currently use paper based forms lol)


Currently i'm building a Travel Allowance form, which either states that users will be going to a high cost or country destination, amounts change depending on where they go


I can't seem to find where / how I can attach the form so i'll try explain exactly what's happening, in short;


SES and NON SES = Radio Buttons (1 and 2)

Location = dropdown list (xml), high cost destinations and also country (the country locations contain a '2' in their name)

Adjustments = text boxes which end users will fill out if they are receiving breakfast, lunch or dinner at a work conference, so they won't get paid that allowance


If i choose SES (1), a location that's high cost (canberra), add in an adjustment of '2' in the breakfast text box, it's set to set a feilds data (field 70) of 'breakfast * 25.50, which works fine...however, if I then go back and change the location to 'Tamworth 2', the field (field 70) doesn't update.


Just wondering if anyone knows what i'm doing wrong? if there's a way to either attach the form or something, please let me know so I can upload it


Thanks all,



edit:, sorry guys, i've rectified the issue, I moved the rules to the radio buttons instead of a 'button'

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