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Windows taking ages to boot

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It seems to me, no matter what version of windows you use, eventually it slows down to a crawl and booting takes forever.


I turn my PC on in the morning and go make a cup of tea while it starts up.


I am using Windows 7 btw but it applies to all versions.


I have now found this program (free) and it tells you everything that loads up during the boot


Not only that, you can disable everything you like.


I would advise caution if you are not sure what you are doing and try disabling things a bit at a time then rebooting

but you would be amazed at the crap that has to load every time you boot. Stuff you removed years ago still loads it's drivers.


My comp now boots as it did when new - about 12 seconds as opposed to 2 minutes.





I recommend it.

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TBH, i wouldn't touch W8 with a limp penis !


Rother, I know exactly what you mean. I keep my system as trimmed down as possible, and I take great care to actively block any shite from installing itself without my express permission, but it still slows down over a while, and defrags etc seem to only help a little. At the moment I do a full format and re-install every 6 to 8 months.



I've downloaded that prog you linked to, I'll give it a go tomorrow (I'm full of high alcohol content beer right now) and see if it makes a difference.

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It's the registry that does this you need to clean it / defrag it then compact it

Doing this I had a PC that had a good and fast install of XP for over 7 years


If you install a lot then uninstall your registry just gets bigger

When you download mp3s and jpgs then delete them they stay in the registry.

The registry can double in size every 3-4 mouths.

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