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Business Phone Solution Needed

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I no I work for BT but its not something I deal with in my line of work so cant find the best solution yet.


A friend owns a business which only opens evenings and weekends.

The phone he has is for incoming calls only and cannot make outgoing calls.

At the end of the night the staff turn and answer machine on and then off when they open again.

The staff are forgetting to check the answering machine and missing bookings and customers are reluctant to leave messages.


Is there a better solution to this problem. Call divert is an option to a mobile number but want to see what else we can come up with.


Any help would be great.

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how about one of the answer machines that only let you delete after you play back the message first


been some time ago now but my mate had one it had a load of settings and you put a pin in to stop the settings

getting messed up.


you can set it to mark a message as played more then 50% has to be played before that message can be deleted

and it can be set so that inbetween set times If the is a message left it will beep and flash every 5 minutes

if 2 or more messages every 3 minutes or a double beep.


I know Panasonic and BT make this type of phone+answer machine.

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