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Anyone have a wired CCTV system?

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I have posted about CCTV/IP cameras before and in the end done nothing about it but time is up and i will bite the bullet very soon.

I will need a hard wired system with at least 2 cameras, with it's own drive to cap everything, it will also be very handy to be able to exclude certain bits of the cameras view so i don't cap back gardens etc, night vision and also the option to stream to my droid phone.

So I have a few questions for anyone who knows anything about this stuff, how much would this lot would cost to install if i supplied all the kit, were are on the first floor so ladders will be needed but NO roof work, i want a quality install job done not some sh1t work, also any suggestions on buying my own kit i want decent night vision and of course decent video quality as well.

Also any other tip or things i should be looking out for?



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