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I had a 'do' with them a year or two back.


I received a parking fine for over-staying in Brighton

I'd never been to Brighton. (live in Yorkshire)

I contacted the people who sent the fine and they said ok, it will be rescinded

But trace recovery took the money out of my account

There is some strange law where these people can just take money from you without permission or you giving them bank details

I got it back. 

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This company have no powers at all to deduct money directly from your bank account without your knowledge.

What usually happens is that your account or card details have been cloned, and then used by someone else online, the easiest way to use cloned cards etc. Tracerecovery then just go ahead and charge your account without any further checks, it's not illegal, but it is immoral !

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, check your account statements, and if possible have your banking set to send you a message about all card transactions or debit withdrawals. I have mine set to send me a 6 digit code every time my card is used, and the payment is rejected if I don't enter it in my bank app within 10 minutes.

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