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New mb,use old m2 drive


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Anybody know if there is a way to use existing m2 drive from existing motherboard on new diferent make mb witout reinstalling Windows please.

Old mb has packed up & i dont want to lose my bookmarks/passwords etc

or any way of recovering passwords on M10 drive using external usb case on my laptop


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If you could mount your drive in a USB caddy and explore the drive you might be in luck.

I think Firefox creates a backup of bookmarks (& possibly passwords).

Look in the folder where Firefox is installed and then look in profiles\bookmarkbackups.

There should be some .jsonlz4 backup files which you can restore from Firefox using Bookmarks\Show All Bookmarks\Import & Backup\Restore\Choose A File then select your backup file.


Hope this helps, and more importantly it works for you.


Sir Z


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