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    Chemistry, explosives, balistics, extremely expensive machinery...... everything a Chemist could ever want to play with.
  1. Thanks you lot. It was good to see the pad still open! Re: wedding stuff, those of you who are expecting invitations (and you know who you are), send me an IM if you havent recieved them yet.....(Jed... need ur address btw!!!!)
  2. It seems like ages since I last came here... oh, hang on a minute, it is! Hows everyone? Good to see a lot of old names are still active. Will be trying to log on a bit again, but still dont have my own net (or home) again yet. Using a dongle so things are a bit slow... So then, where have I been? Well if any of you remember I got made redundant from my old job. Since then I took a job at a local refinary, and am now working as a cooling system specialist... not exactly the best job for a chemist, but thanks to the expense account it pays a grand a month more than the shite job I had in Hastings! Anyways... see ya'll soon (just in slow motion!!!) Si
  3. I think some people are just a looking for free stuff... but how do you tell those, from those who are genuine users/posters, who join in on conversations etc...? Tis the same on all boards... welcome them all, and hope a few stick around...
  4. Hello mate! Welcome to the Pad :thumbsup:
  5. Thanks. @AB... Ive been working my ass off.... living in east sussex now, but looking at applying to work for an oil company working the labs on an offshore platform.... major bucks involved there, but will have to see.
  6. Thanks mate.... lookin forward to floating round and increasing my number of posts! :D
  7. Well hi there folks, especially all those who know me already from the "other" board.... Hmmm... must be 3 years since i was last here! Anyways... good to see so many familiar names still floating about. See ya'll on the boards Si
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