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  2. Happy belated birthday!
  3. Could not agree more Dave, I went away a while ago for some alone time with a new fresh instal of 10, even when you converted everything to make it look like 7 it still took ages to load (M.2 drive) and just seems slow compared to 7, if i was going to hang around i for sure would be looking at the move to the big bird Might be time to look at it Dave?
  4. Tried it,totally bloated,over complicated,home reporting bloatware. In short its Crap!
  5. Come on in Dave the Windows 10 water is luvverly 😁
  6. You have found another way they are shafting your choice, i know alot of MB manf dont give drivers for 7 so i know about that didn't know about cpu before you bin it or return it, chck if there is a workaround on google there maybe a way round it but i fear it's a return or ebay job
  7. Thought i would upgrade my elderly pc....? Bought what i thought was an appropriate Mb/cpu CPU Type QuadCore AMD Ryzen 3 2300X, 4000 MHz (40 x 100) CPU Alias Picasso Gigabyte A320M-S2H V2 Mb Just found Cpu does not support Windows 7 64 bit Cant get on with windows 10 So i need a AMD Pinnacle Ridge, Summit Ridge or Bristol Ridge CPU. Any ideas anyone
  8. Have a great day. I'll have an extra pint or five on your behalf!
  9. Happy Birthday Macs,Have a goodun
  10. Thanks guys, hopefully another 10 years of Jamerspad as well
  11. Wot an old fu*ker, i thought i was over the hill at 50 something. well here hoping for another 10 (mind you 10 more years of Boris i pity you,) what a car crash of a press internview today was 🚔 All1
  12. Happy Birthday m8 🍺 Here's to another 10 years of supporting you 😉
  13. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me. 70 years young today and stIll going strong.... Here’s to my 80th
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  15. Perfect Gazza first one done the trick All1
  16. any good Convert Images to Ascii Art https://manytools.org/hacker-tools/convert-images-to-ascii-art/ or http://www.glassgiant.com/ascii/
  17. I can find loads of website that turn text into ascii-art but i want to find a website that turns a waving hadd goodbye into ascii-art so something like this
  18. Like most things you get what you pay for Jamer, buy a £5k or a £250K car the ones i'm buying are cheapo copies if the good ones, so small one is £50 (E58) and the bigger one is £100 (E511S) main difference is 1080 camera on the big one, longer flying time and moveable camera while in flight, IMO they are good enough to work out if you want to spend big bucks not doubt DJI etc and the dogs balls, flying time/camera quality/rane all are much better on DJI etc but your pay your money and take your choice, my advice spend £100 see if you like it if you do spend as much as you like i have seen them for sale for £10k but these are the pro stuff you can earn money from but i think you need to take a bigger test for these big ones. All1
  19. These drones are bloody expensive
  20. Just seen mavric mini for £400 seems a good deal to me
  21. I know DJ but were talking big £££ for them and i'm a tight arse, so bought a clone for £100 i also have a smaller one coming under 250g which gives me something to play with before the E511S turns up All1
  22. You can't beat DJI for drones. I'm currently flying a Mavic Pro, but before that I had a Phantom 4 Pro
  23. Covid 19. The name is enough to strike fear into even the strongest of us. When a person is gravely ill and being admitted into hospital surrounded by doctors wearing PPE they are asked questions. Different questions due to the threatening nature of this virus. Do you have a next of kin? Are you religious? What about resuscitation? What about life support? Do you want to be kept alive on a ventilator...for how long. These are the types of questions that are being asked during this Pandemic. They are valid, but disturbing for most, if not all of us. We have been informed that with Ovid 19 the need for a ventilator means you are close to death and most do not come off of the ventilator. Only the very strongest. The answers to these questions show a glimpse of the character of the person. You have probably answered these questions in your own head as you read them. That part is easy. But would you say the same if you were being admitted to hospital? This is when true character is revealed ....this is when only once in a very long while a truly wonderful person can be recognized. I know of a person that was asked these very questions. They said, according to the admitting doctor, to pull them off of the ventilator, thereby ceasing life support if the ventilator was needed by someone that had a better chance of living. What a answer. When push comes to shove I want this person on my side. It has been my privilege to have had her at my side for over 42 years. Wife, Mother, Grandmother or friend. Call her what you will. I call her Candy. Love Always, Norm
  24. I have a NAS connected via power line, I also have poor connections, constantly drops in and out
  25. could be a number of things, you just have to start from basics, what speed are you getting at the moment? how are you connecting NAS, cable to your router or to pc ? or wifi. where are you transferring the files to, from NAS to PC if connected to your router by Ethernet cable, first put it direct to your pc by Ethernet cable and check you can get a good speed there first. Could be your router slowing the speed, check port speeds on router. ideally you need Gigabit ports for full speed if by wifi what band you using 2.4 or 5 GHZ see if you can connect using the 5GHZ as its faster with new devices, also try a different channel. You can get a phone app to scan and see what devices are using what channel so you can use a channel that's free. I had a sinology and if I remember right when I had one you have to change or check that your running file transfer in SMB3 protocol a quick google on what I had originally came up with the issue and fix on my unit https://bobmckay.com/i-t-support-networking/nas-media-servers/solved-slow-transfer-speeds-synology-nas/
  26. I have a NAS drive,uploads/downloads etc are very slow. Tried Goodsync & frrefilesync but very slow. Any ideas anyone
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