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  2. I am sad to see that Dave has died.I will miss him. He has this last year been the most active member. We are all getting older.....that happens. I know Dave has not been that well for some time but a deathis always, somehow. a surprise. May he RIP I picked up an infection from who knows where last Christmas time and spent 3 months and then over two weeks in hospital as well as home IV and pill antibiotics to kill this bug( it almost got me a couple of times) Am still on them and will be for another few months just to be sure we get the bugger. My point is that we are all fragile and just don't know how much time we have here, so we might as well make the most of it. I have been re-evaluating my own life and plan to make some adjustments. I suggest that to any who view this.
  3. Cheers mister, I'll give it a go 👍
  4. I use CopyTrans Manager free and simple not like that iTunes $h1te. I use the portable version. Download from https://www.copytrans.net/download/ Scroll down to CopyTrans Manager. You will need drivers from here. https://www.copytrans.net/support/install-iphone-ipod-touch-and-ipad-drivers-without-installing-itunes/ Enjoy 😉
  5. Can anyone point me in the direction of some free software to transfer MP3's and video's to an old iPad please. My daughter has been given an old first generation iPad to use in the car as a music and video player..... it's incapable of much more than that !!! I refuse to put iToons anywhere near any of my PC's as it's little more than a controlling virus, and I've been unable to find anything out there that does it for free apart from an initial 20 or so files as a trial !
  6. Be aware that they may try and apply resort tax, we refused t pay it, look it up. Well we have bee not New York several times and always had a great time. We checked out load of famous sites inc; The Empire State Building (it's immaculate worth a visit - bought tickets from a street guy who gave us a free entry to Top of the Rock which we visited at night, that was pretty good) Hudson Yards - Nice shopping centre and worth visiting even it just to admire The Vessel Katz's is the famous delicatessen, with fabulous sandwiches also where the filmed the very famous 'where Harry Met Sally Scene' - See Here Times Square with you will struggle to avoid but after a few days will do your best to avoid lol (I would suggest eating away from Times Square as it is expensive!) Washington Square Park is a lovely area and one of our favourite places to visit. (also place were many movies used) See the red house on the right of the Arch, that's where Robert Neville (Will Smith) lived in the film - see here - Ghost Busters was also filmed here look it up. But it is a nice place to just go and chill and have a coffee while people watching. Dumbo (or DUMBO, short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The area known as Dumbo. There are some good eateries and bars and good place to take some photographs by the Hudson River facing Manhattan. I'll add some more places later.
  7. We are staying at the Riu Plaza w46 street,8th Avenue I got a brilliant deal, I monitored the prices with British Airways for 2 years lol. Got 7 nights at hotel breakfast included and 6 experiences for £1790 for the 2 of us. I also emailed the hotel and told them it was Julie’s 60th and our wedding anniversary while we were there and asked for a high floor room. Not only have we got one but on the day of our Anniversary we have got a five course meal plus champagne compliments of the hotel. Now if only I can mention that at check in at Heathrow and get an upgrade to business class 😜😜😜 Still got to organise transfers though, probably just get a taxi After all shy boys get nowt lol
  8. New York is fantastic mate. Where are you staying?
  9. Hi everyone My wife and I are off to New York on the 29th for 7 nights. I have prepaid for the usual experiences but wondered if anyone has any useful tips or ideas for anything we can do. Its my wife’s 60th birthday and also our wedding anniversary while we are there I have prepaid for a weekly subway pass so travel around New York won’t be a problem thanks in advance
  10. It is scary how soon time passes us by.
  11. I miss his banter ☹️ His birthday was 13th June the day before mine.
  12. A tortured man and by his own words every day was 24 hours of mental and physical pain. No life for anyone. I was so saddened by his demise and think of him often. No more of that for him now. RIP
  13. Cannot believe 2 years has passed
  14. Time passes by so quickly, Must admit i enjoyed the banter between you two. Still sadly missed RIP All1
  15. Time to remember Alloneword who sadly passed away this day 2020. No one took the p1$$ as well as you did. RIP All1
  16. Sad news to read, RIP Dave
  17. Sending my condolences, Dave was a very scribe member here for so many years. RIP
  18. derren


    Sad news. We all knew Dave and very helpful. RIP. Derren
  19. Rother


    I'm very sorry to read this. Thank you Mrs DaveB for letting us know. It was a shock. RIP old friend.
  20. I've not logged in for a while but I'm definitely up for getting involved again. This could be a good start, I'll have to get the computer on and something knocked up.
  21. My sincere condolences. @daveb47 was a very popular member here and always good for a conversation.
  22. Very sad news, Dave was a nice guy. RIP
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