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  2. Who has seen the man from earth?
  3. Giffgaff is now 5g and the golden goodybag is £8 for 5 GB Unlimited UK calls and texts or £10 for the 20 GB
  4. I have Lebara and all good.
  5. Took out a second line with O2 and have received an additional 10% discount however, on my new latest sim I cannot call abroad (both phone I have spending cap set at zero), so I called customer service and they explained that tariff includes roaming within the EU but not to the EU from the UK, which is NOT what I was told, I absolutely made sure of this and also queried then how is it that my other phone with same tariff allows calls to the EU from the UK, only explanation I got was that it must be a glitch! So although in general I was happy with O2 I will probably end up moving my second line now because I need to be able to calls friends in the EU. I appreciate that I can call using WiFi and WhatsApp etc but I need ability to also use the network when no WiFi is available.
  6. Okay I'll have a look but think I'lll end up with a second line on 02
  7. Apologies Lebara runs on Vodafone network, most of the info is on their website. Check the coverage for your area though. We get poor signal in our area on most networks, we choose this one as was the best one for us, is also got WiFI Calling (VoLTE) that works very well using your own home wifi. They are cheap, not had any issues so far but with the short contracts you can at least test and then leave it its no good for you. https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/rates Service and network coverage can be checked here https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/network-coverage
  8. Also Lebara have some ridiculously low prices ie 1GB data unlimited calls/text £3.95 per month (only £1.58 for the first 3 months) or 5gb data unlimited calls/texts £4.95 e (£1.98 cheaper for the first 3 months and are only 1 month contracts). How do you find their service and network?
  9. I looked at Lebara but reviews were poor, unless you tell me different? Also are you sure their plans include international minutes because I am reading offers for 100 mins or 500 international mins or are you referring to calls made to the EU from the UK and within the EU? (Assuming international minutes that I am referring to mean outside of the EU.)
  10. i use Lebra which is on the EE network, plans include international minutes. looks like you get a good deal on O2 though mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/
  11. I have a couple of phones (work and personal) I have iPhone 12 and iPhone 8 both now out of contract so chose to go 'Sim Only' however, my mrs is Polish so need to be able to call Poland and we have close friends in Spain and Greece. My work phone I have recently signed a 12 month contract with 02 at £12 per month which includes 50gb data, unlimited calls/texts (including calls/text to the EU from the UK). My personal phone is currently with Smarty, 1 month contract and I also pay £12 per month for 120gb data, unlimited calls/text (UK only). If I want to call into the EU from the UK I have to buy an add-on (unlike 02) however, I can call and text to other EU countries from inside the EU. Now I want to change my personal sim and move away from Smarty and I could simply have another 02 sim however, I wondered if any other networks were offering similar deal to 02? (just was tempted to have an alternative network, I guess if 02 had a network issue both my phones would be offline and that is the only reason I was looking for an alternative network provider) Any help would be appreciated, I have had a quick look around but thought you guys may have a solution before I really start digging..
  12. Happy New Year guys
  13. And the same to you Sir!
  14. Wishing you all a happy new year, all the best for 2023
  15. Merry Christmas, hope you all had a great day. enjoy the rest of your Christmas
  16. I'd just like to say Merry Christmas everyone too And a happy new year.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone I hope Santa has been good to you all. Raise a glass today for absent friends
  18. A very Merry Christmas to all and I hope that the new year brings health and prosperity. I also raise my glass to those of us that have passed. They are not forgotten!
  19. Never been there but I've heard its good.
  20. How about Marckles P****
  21. Valencia is much nicer than Barcelona
  22. I heard just now that an English pub has just intrduced a new beer at 3.9% which compared to the beers of old is rather weak but appropriate name. "Harry' Bitter"
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