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  2. Good to see the Government are well behind the team!
  3. It's funny how times have changed An advertisement for FIFA World Cup 2010 But if you sing this at Euro 2020 (2021) get a lifetime BAN from the game.
  4. Sadly missed, i still miss his banter, especially his playful comment towards Sir Zorro 😀 RIP Alloneword a year gone past already, it is true the older you get the faster time goes by. enjoy it while you can.
  5. Very sad news that was for us all. A year gone already RIP my friend.
  6. Yesterday I read on Facebook that it was a year since Morgan took his life. My thoughts are with you All1, sadly missed.
  7. Fabulous 4-0 win last night!
  8. Of course. Loved the matches where we were not involved (ENG) but find it painful to watch us - not because they are bad but you live every moment. Every bad pass hurts. Every wrong decision has you jumping out of your chair. How can this be fun lol. Come on England.
  9. At least you're still here Dave, more than can be said for most of the members now Farcebook has destroyed the forum world ! BTW, I know what it's like to be getting old....... 60 now myself..... and gradually seizing up at the joints ...... At least my brain still works...... unlike some of the woke pre programmed younger end that are up and coming....... I despair for the world, and especially for my newest daughter..... 11 months old and absolutely gorgeous 🥰 Photo's are available if anyone is interested 😂
  10. I just keep a notepad file on my phone with all my usernames and passwords abbreviated to something in a fashion that only I can work out. Never had a problem 👍
  11. Good that it's free
  12. I use Keypass to store all my passwords. Free so what's not to like? https://keepass.info/
  13. Thanks Jamer but on pc. Still using Roboform but at least its now free!
  14. I am not a massive football fan however, I do enjoy the big competitions. Enjoyed all of the matches this week and it was great to see England beat Germany! I do not agree with the taking the knee before each game (wtf) and personally I think they should take the politics out of football but I'm looking forward to watching the match on Saturday from Poland! Yes we are travelling tomorrow and everything is open, so we're looking forward to hopefully seeing England beat the Ukraine Anyone else been watching ?
  15. I used this several years ago and didn't really get on with it. To keep a track of my passwords etc I use notes on my Apple devices, it's simple and secure.
  16. Been using Roboform for remembering passwords for years.Pissed off it logging me out every few hours.Have tried changing in setting but still the same.Got a printout of my logins now. Whats the best cheap alernative please?
  17. typical 😀 new roads just laid and few weeks later they dig a whole right i the centre and them do a crap job of patching it up......doh
  18. are you on Hawkhost ? most are the same though, in cpanel under security - SSL/TLS should be able to auto create a cert using Let's Encrypt https://support.hawkhost.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/153
  19. Just installed Simple Machines forum.Cant work out how to install ssl certificate though.
  20. Been waiting for 10 years for roads dangerous pavements to be fixed,They have been doing them for past couple of week,nice job as well.About 2 weeks work to go. Just got a letter from gas board,seem that august 8 to 10 they are going to dig whole lot up again to replace gas main along whole road both sides! Wankers
  21. Bored silly so t.hinking of doing a forum called Nas Matters? Already got domain, nasmatters.uk Will cover all makes of Nas & possibly Routers as well.
  22. Change of plan. Buffalo Linkstation LS220D now driveless for sale as new,all working fine. £110 +postage Also ORICO Aluminium Dual Hard Drive RAID Enclosure USB 3.0 Hard Disk Caddy for 2 x 3.5 Inch SATA III HDD and SSD - Support UASP & 8TB Cost £75 +£5 +postage. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ORICO-Aluminium-Drive-Enclosure-Caddy-Silver/dp/B07QD6V978/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=orico+raid&qid=1624031682&sr=8-5
  23. Been going over my various ailments to what bits still work as they should? Conclusion is...My fingernails still grow......
  24. i moved to a bungalow 6 years ago as stairs was an issue for me too
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