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  1. Good to see the Government are well behind the team!
  2. Very sad news that was for us all. A year gone already RIP my friend.
  3. Fabulous 4-0 win last night!
  4. Good that it's free
  5. I am not a massive football fan however, I do enjoy the big competitions. Enjoyed all of the matches this week and it was great to see England beat Germany! I do not agree with the taking the knee before each game (wtf) and personally I think they should take the politics out of football but I'm looking forward to watching the match on Saturday from Poland! Yes we are travelling tomorrow and everything is open, so we're looking forward to hopefully seeing England beat the Ukraine Anyone else been watching ?
  6. I used this several years ago and didn't really get on with it. To keep a track of my passwords etc I use notes on my Apple devices, it's simple and secure.
  7. Mythbusting social media posts A number of posts are circulating on social media about the national data opt-out, containing incorrect information. View our mythbusters which look at these claims to give you the facts you need to make your choice.
  8. Good to see you here Dave. Some fast speeds there!
  9. Jamer


    I had the AZ vaccine 4 weeks ago, just waiting to find out when I get my 2nd dose.
  10. Jamer


    Go for Mac and you'll never go back mate
  11. I have lost all respect for this pair, so much for wanting privacy eh..
  12. Jamer


    Interesting read.. I hope that your dad is feeling better soon mate.
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