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  1. Jamer

    Forum Upgrade

    Yes mate it has sorted out a few glitches
  2. Spoke with them both earlier, both flat out with work, thought it would be of interest to my nephew but not. It was worth a try my friend and no Southampton is about 3 hours drive.
  3. My brother and nephew and carpet and vinyl fitters. Might be good for my nephew he loves to travel
  4. Jamer


    Very sad day that was. RIP
  5. Jamer

    Cant win

    Nothing worse than losing connection
  6. Jamer

    Forum Upgrade

    I have just upgraded with the latest forum upgrade so we are completely up to speed.
  7. Yes, I have this version on my usb stick in the car, fabulous
  8. Good piece of kit, should make you life easier Dave
  9. Good to see the Government are well behind the team!
  10. Very sad news that was for us all. A year gone already RIP my friend.
  11. Fabulous 4-0 win last night!
  12. Good that it's free
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