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  1. InFeRnO

    And finally

    I never realised this place was so full of old codgers! hahaha just kidding! Good on you Macs, there's quite a few people in this country that should take a leaf out of your book....i myself still have 29 years to go till i retire, and havent even started a pension yet, but by the time i do they'd have probably raised the retirement age...again. Blimey...i've just realised i first joined here when i was a young whipper snapper......doesnt time fly, before i know it i'll be posting something similar about my retirement too!
  2. www.sendspace.com www.wetransfer.com www.filedropper.com www.sendbigfiles.com
  3. This guy forster's young pregnant cats from his local cat shelter and broadcasts them on webcam whilst they grow up...........respect to him for doing such a thing. Good man in my view :Smiler: /http://new.livestream.com/accounts/398160/events/1790564
  4. I've been here i've been there i've been everywhere! Good to see some old faces :Smiler: Yep i remember Sparks, how could i forget lol
  5. So thought i'd say 'Hello'!!! How's everyone doing? :Thumbs_Up1:
  6. You'll have to spend £2.95 extra but is this any good? /http://www.gamepointsnow.co.uk/microsoft-points?
  7. InFeRnO

    Good idea!

    It makes perfect sense!
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