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  1. Just had stairlift fitted,now i can go upstairs ewithout struggling surprisingly Council did it,took about 6 months but thats 1 problem sorted. Next thing is getting an old Mobility scooter so i can at least get some fresh air.
  2. I love this one,just shows her versitality...Written & composed by her.
  3. Been using TP-link router but always hah problem with port forwarding etc,Thinking of trying different make. Any advise on which. Up to around £100 Must be easy setup.
  4. Should make it law that they have number plates & insurance. Also make riding on Road when there is cyclepath,or on pavemen illegal with heavy fines,same with crossing red lights etc.
  5. There are some morons around thats for sure
  6. Thanks Jamer but on pc. Still using Roboform but at least its now free!
  7. Been using Roboform for remembering passwords for years.Pissed off it logging me out every few hours.Have tried changing in setting but still the same.Got a printout of my logins now. Whats the best cheap alernative please?
  8. Just installed Simple Machines forum.Cant work out how to install ssl certificate though.
  9. Been waiting for 10 years for roads dangerous pavements to be fixed,They have been doing them for past couple of week,nice job as well.About 2 weeks work to go. Just got a letter from gas board,seem that august 8 to 10 they are going to dig whole lot up again to replace gas main along whole road both sides! Wankers
  10. Bored silly so t.hinking of doing a forum called Nas Matters? Already got domain, nasmatters.uk Will cover all makes of Nas & possibly Routers as well.
  11. Change of plan. Buffalo Linkstation LS220D now driveless for sale as new,all working fine. £110 +postage Also ORICO Aluminium Dual Hard Drive RAID Enclosure USB 3.0 Hard Disk Caddy for 2 x 3.5 Inch SATA III HDD and SSD - Support UASP & 8TB Cost £75 +£5 +postage. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ORICO-Aluminium-Drive-Enclosure-Caddy-Silver/dp/B07QD6V978/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=orico+raid&qid=1624031682&sr=8-5
  12. Been going over my various ailments to what bits still work as they should? Conclusion is...My fingernails still grow......
  13. Cant do bugger all nowadays,even getting upstairs is a problem
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