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  1. Also love this live performance.
  2. New video from Hayley "Dont Speak" Absolutely love this!
  3. I have a Tp-link Archer Ac2300 router,Port forwarding doesnt work at all,any forwarded ports still blocked. Having to use dmz. Anyone suggest decent Router up to around £100 on which port forwarding works?
  4. daveb47

    Cant win

    All sorted,back to full speed & rat hole blocked. Going to sort out Ftp/http server now.
  5. daveb47

    Cant win

    Just discovered, rats have chewed through wall & virgin cable inside wall. Now sorted just waiting for engineers to sort cable & hub.
  6. Had enough probs with stuff not working on W10,would love to go back to w7.
  7. Got new motherbard & cpu up & running (Courtesy of Paypal credit) 4.2GHz AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 3600, MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX Motherboard Bundle https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185080124506 Much faster + i now have 49mbs on ipad tether
  8. daveb47


    Really miss him,Top fella!
  9. daveb47

    Cant win

    Bloody Virgin router has packed up.'Using tether on my ipad at moment,all of 20 mbps.
  10. Firefox,but pc not working.
  11. Anybody know if there is a way to use existing m2 drive from existing motherboard on new diferent make mb witout reinstalling Windows please. Old mb has packed up & i dont want to lose my bookmarks/passwords etc or any way of recovering passwords on M10 drive using external usb case on my laptop Thanks.
  12. PC has packed up,ordered new motherboard bundle though paypal credit,but wont be here for a week. Using old laptop at moment,The click now & hope it opens today type!
  13. I did that,didnt turn out so well,bastards kept £200 mother board,Admitted that they had recieved,then wouldnt answer emails!!
  14. Have you ever,I bet you have Found the package return label that is supposed to be inside package seconds after carefully wrapping it?
  15. Love this...Don’t Speak - No Doubt (‘60s Style Cover) ft. Haley Reinhart
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