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    i am daves wife btw. thanks for comments
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    Hi this is daveb's wife, just to let you all know dave died on the 16th april, easter saturday of urosepsis. very sudden. i knw he knew a lot of yu here but its taken me this long to get into hsi computer
  3. Its 7 feet foot wide!!!
  4. I think that those whocant get through this gap shouldnt be driving?
  5. I am diabetic & its realyy bugging me that sweets which are £1 or so are 6 or 7 tomes dearer for Diabetic version. What a con!!
  6. daveb47

    Dirty scum

    Just watched on my camera,in the past 20 minutes at least 5 dirty scum let their dogs shit in my front garden & then just walk away leaving shit behind.Wish i could follow them home & return shit though letterbox!!! Dirty bastards!
  7. I love this song,Fust found it again after not being able to find it for years I want it played at my funeral. Such a haunting voice. Also she is a distant relative of mine.
  8. Your most favorite gadget. I have 2 My Computer,on 12 hours + a day,My link to to the outside world. My stairlift,a livechanget but has its ups & downs!
  9. Just watched Paisiene Walkways again,Probably the best Guitar solo ever in my opinion!
  10. Amazing voice,Live too.
  11. Just spent ages trying to sort package for return to Amazon,parcel tape kept sticking to itself & me,Worst thing was keeping trying to find the end when it had stuck itself back on to the roll. To cap it all i then realised that i had forgotten to put packing slip in it......
  12. Thanks,going to fight with setting up https later,That should be fun....Not!
  13. No-ip ddns site is down
  14. Running Blue Iris as home setup for watching wildlife in garden & outbuildigs.. I have 2 old cameras that are starting to play up. Need onvif cameras wit Ftp save capability. 1/ Indoor one with pan tilt ,using Tenvis JPT3815W-HD at moment. 2/Outdoor With Ftp Save, Iegeek C6F0SgZ3N0PfL2 at moment. Reasonable priced camera recomendations please as funds limited. Or has anyone got any S/h ones for sale Thanks
  15. And probably may more after that,Wonder how mny polititions & others have their snout in this money trough. Gates & blair almost certainly have!
  16. Merry Christmas all. Not bothering with new year cos i suspect it wll be much worse than this one?
  17. They should be allowing the relativly mild omnicron to spread so as to give herd imunity/ You will have to have another "booster" in march btw!
  18. Booster is only the same as original 2. Not had any & dont intend to. I know of 2 people locally that have died within a few days after getting a jab though someone is making billions from this,but its all about control as i have said all along. Moronic,sorry Omnicron version is about has harmful as a cold,manypeople dont even know they have had it Its the mainly the jabbed thinking that they are invulnarable that are spreading it. Video of Boris admitting that Jabs dont stop you getting it or passing it on!
  19. After an arguament agreed to fully refund upon return. Nice con though!
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124985335416?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11050.m43.l1123&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=2e8a4b867f17434d91f79aa129c023ae&bu=44012480344&osub=-1%7E1&crd=20211214231807&segname=11050&sojTags=ch%3Dch%2Cbu%3Dbu%2Cosub%3Dosub%2Ccrd%3Dcrd%2Csegname%3Dsegname%2Cchnl%3Dmkcid Bought a New Seagate 8Tb driveon Paypay Credit,Over £200 with fees! Very slow,clunky & noisy.Tested it on diskinfo & getting this. Only 16068 hours on the clock? I have contacted them,see if they respond Only
  21. Have you ever had a dog who's back end was more dangerous than its front. We had a cross German Shepherd cross Newfoundland called Tagg,all 12.5 stone of her. A real gentle giant,wouldnt hurt a fly but she hated cats, Chased one down the garden,cat went over the fence,didnt even slow her down,she just went through it.Came back with 2" of cats tail in her mouth & a smile on her face.Cat never came back in her garden but went in all our neighbours. But when she farted everyone had to leave,even she wanted to go outside & she used to just stand on the doorstep till it was safe again!!!
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