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  1. Thanks Alloneword I managed to copy my plan I had took me hours but did get an almost 1-1 copy but in 3D was able to add toilets, showers and hand basin in the bathrooms and also beds, wardrobes , tv etc in bedrooms and a kitchen ( of sort ) also PC desk and a Sofa in the lounge but couldn't work out how to reduce the height of the walls so was unable to get the right perspective for my Balcony ( Still looking to try and find out how or even if I can do it lol ) Roll on 2019 now for when it will be build then the hard work begins shopping for the furniture lol
  2. Thanks Alloneword ill have a look the problem I have is its a .jpg file and not a cad file.
  3. its a new build Jamer gonna be my Holiday home or retirement home lol
  4. Hi I'm looking to change a 2D plan of my Apartment to a 3D plan so I can get a better understanding of what furniture, wardrobes, beds and kitchen what is needed to complete it when it is built Thanks in Advance
  5. lmfao they already doing that m8ty
  6. Hi m8 its finally arrived lol fooking post round my way is a nightmare
  7. I have a new 16gb Samsung card m8ty willing to swap ?
  8. £249 for a 500gb HD fooking hell that's taking the big time
  9. Dazling

    Hello again

    me a name from the past
  10. Just buy a 220v charger that matches the output voltage and wattage
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