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  1. Could not agree more Dave, I went away a while ago for some alone time with a new fresh instal of 10, even when you converted everything to make it look like 7 it still took ages to load (M.2 drive) and just seems slow compared to 7, if i was going to hang around i for sure would be looking at the move to the big bird Might be time to look at it Dave?
  2. You have found another way they are shafting your choice, i know alot of MB manf dont give drivers for 7 so i know about that didn't know about cpu before you bin it or return it, chck if there is a workaround on google there maybe a way round it but i fear it's a return or ebay job
  3. Wot an old fu*ker, i thought i was over the hill at 50 something. well here hoping for another 10 (mind you 10 more years of Boris i pity you,) what a car crash of a press internview today was 🚔 All1
  4. Perfect Gazza first one done the trick All1
  5. I can find loads of website that turn text into ascii-art but i want to find a website that turns a waving hadd goodbye into ascii-art so something like this
  6. Like most things you get what you pay for Jamer, buy a £5k or a £250K car the ones i'm buying are cheapo copies if the good ones, so small one is £50 (E58) and the bigger one is £100 (E511S) main difference is 1080 camera on the big one, longer flying time and moveable camera while in flight, IMO they are good enough to work out if you want to spend big bucks not doubt DJI etc and the dogs balls, flying time/camera quality/rane all are much better on DJI etc but your pay your money and take your choice, my advice spend £100 see if you like it if you do spend as much as you like i have seen them for sale for £10k but these are the pro stuff you can earn money from but i think you need to take a bigger test for these big ones. All1
  7. Just seen mavric mini for £400 seems a good deal to me
  8. I know DJ but were talking big £££ for them and i'm a tight arse, so bought a clone for £100 i also have a smaller one coming under 250g which gives me something to play with before the E511S turns up All1
  9. Well had my drone turn up on Sat and was looking forward to having a play only to find out i had been sent a second hand unit so it's going straight back to France, i think i will buy from UK seller next time
  10. OK thanks it was worth a try i done some digging on play and it was hit and miss for the E511S I will have a nose again and check out youtube and see what they are using, tried to today to get permission to fly on the thames today as city airport is shut, should give some decent footage if it happens. All1
  11. Gazza, Can i ask you to pick your son's brain for suggestion for an app that works on android, i have E511S coming and a smaller E58 All1
  12. That's intresting i thought you had to gain access from the top and that is what was causing me to look at a pro fixing it, i know the springs are only a few quid so i might go back in later and have a nose and buy the springs online thanks for the link Cobra
  13. Well for the drone i bought you need the licence as it's just under 300g, i will only need it for one or 2 days, IF i don't smash it in those 2 days you can have it for nothing Dave if your still of the A13 i can drop it down to you however it all depends on lockdown, i need to keep myself locked up for a lot of the time but as soon as we get the all clear hopefully 3-6 weeks than i will need 2 weeks to do stuff than the drone is yours so long as i do't kill it 🙂
  14. Ended up buying myself a EACHINE E511S
  15. Thanks for the info Gazza (or your son) took 3 goes but go there in the end, now just need to find a suitable drone, mind you i think it said i could not fly with 150m of a building, looks like i won't be flying it anywhere in London, mind you could be fun up and down the river All1
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