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  1. Alloneword


    I'll give him a shout over the weekend
  2. Just read that Link Gazza 80 years of age and broke both ankles jesus Stirling didn't do anything by half did he, Phew
  3. Alloneword


    Yea he was a super mod on the GSM forum but had a row with someone and got banned, that's my Dave speaks his mind, just pleased he's happy
  4. Alloneword


    Spoke to Bod today for the first time in years, stil his old self, he's married now, but to be honest i had not heard from him in so long i didn't even know if he was alive or not, it's good to know he's doing ok All1
  5. That was the guy Stirling yea thanks for that Gazza All1
  6. Who fell down his own lift shaft anyone have any idea what his name is, done some googleing and just get so so lifted a cup or what ever. All1
  7. Mind's not on it sorry guys
  8. If so can you PM me please
  9. Jesus it was a right sh1t hole in those days that is for sure, just take a look at the old TV series London's Burining that was filmed all around here before it got done up by the LDDC, now you need £400-£500k for something half decent and that is just for a 1 bed flat, crazy world
  10. Christ Dave where did you buy this from please don't say shpock or gumtree or anything like that? If it's not been used for ages, take out the cmos battery short out the start pins and give the pins on the MB a small rub down with a nail file to make sure there is a decent connection, that is my only suggestion.
  11. made me smile that one good answer
  12. Yea just nod and agree, happy wife and all that lot😀
  13. Always moaning about size buddy, wife been on your case again ??? 🤣 All1
  14. Could not agree more Dave, I went away a while ago for some alone time with a new fresh instal of 10, even when you converted everything to make it look like 7 it still took ages to load (M.2 drive) and just seems slow compared to 7, if i was going to hang around i for sure would be looking at the move to the big bird Might be time to look at it Dave?
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