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  1. Wow was a good advisor on many things years ago R.I.P.
  2. Why do drivers need to hold their phones these days unless they are in a really old car. Most cars have bluetooth and you can buy all sort of handsfree kits these days. I saw a woman only this week holding her phone and she was in a new BMW, thee is no excuse!!
  3. Welcome back nice to see you to see you nice :Tongue:
  4. good to see you back CT :Winky:
  5. Ah yes lol, noticeably busier on the pad since his departure I have to say, possibly a coincidence but I don't think so, which is a shame because he used to be a good active member he had just got worse, less of the what I call normal posts and virtually everyone of his last posts were anti establishment.
  6. Now who is hurling abuse because someone does not agree with them 'Sheep' and I never asked anyone to protest for me....as for Suffragettes I do not remember them ever being suicide bombers or terrorists of any sort, what are you on about? of course they should have the right to vote and they protested peacefully
  7. "Eyes in the skies" http://derrenbrown.co.uk/blog/2011/09/eyes-skies/ The Police Department in Ogden, Utah, will be the first metropolitan police force in the world to use a crime-fighting blimp. The $14,000, helium-filled ‘HB50 Hyperblimp’ measures 54ft in length airship can stay airborne for seven hours at a time with a top speed of 40mph. It packs a radar transponder and two CCTV cameras.
  8. Welcome to the club :Smiler:
  9. Good to have you back :Happy:
  10. Hello and welcome, where you from Ash?
  11. Welcome to JamersPad :thumbsup:
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