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  1. OMG I am so sorry to hear this news RIP AllOne
  2. I agree with the last 2 comments. Stay strong Alloneword, Xmas is often a difficult time when we reflect on what could have been etc..your life will get better but I do think you have hit an all time low from reading your very sad post. Keep your chin up and please please do not do anything silly, you are worth a lot more, pick yourself up, brush yourself down and battle on.
  3. Noooo I love this website, maybe we can send you a donation ?
  4. My friend uses Strava, is that a smart watch or something?
  5. Divvy

    Forum Upgraded

    Thanks for the continued support Jamer
  6. No I have not used them but a friend recommended them to me and I understand that they were fairly good.
  7. https://www.snapfish.co.uk/photo-printing
  8. You looking for quality photograph printing so you can frame them for example?
  9. Probably a days pay for someone who knows what they are doing, £150-£200 at a guess
  10. To many snowflakes now
  11. Happy new year to you all, lets hope this one is a good one
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