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  1. my last router was TP-link router Archer and was great on the wifi coverage, i now have a gaming router but that's expensive, only got as my son was mad on gaming and sorted a lot of issues. not sure what to recommend, you need one to go with your connection, gigabit ports, Dual band wifi speeds and make sure its got a good cpu to keep up with all your devices and connections. Always best to compare and review routers for the best combination of features
  2. There are so many bikes on the road at the moment, there's a few who think they own the road. While driving in the country i came across, a group of cyclists who where cycling 3 a breast, usually two side by side is bad enough to get past but 3 is taking it to far. The recent complains about the electric scooters, have you seen how fast some of the battery powered bikes go πŸ€₯
  3. Don't think any one can take Boris serious, with all his clowning around πŸ˜€. Having more luck with the Olympics, the 13 year old skateboarder done well
  4. Sadly missed, i still miss his banter, especially his playful comment towards Sir Zorro πŸ˜€ RIP Alloneword a year gone past already, it is true the older you get the faster time goes by. enjoy it while you can.
  5. typical πŸ˜€ new roads just laid and few weeks later they dig a whole right i the centre and them do a crap job of patching it up......doh
  6. are you on Hawkhost ? most are the same though, in cpanel under security - SSL/TLS should be able to auto create a cert using Let's Encrypt https://support.hawkhost.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/153
  7. i moved to a bungalow 6 years ago as stairs was an issue for me too
  8. good to hear from you Dave, i did notice you weren't about as some are regulars here each day. sorry to hear your health is worse at the moment, hope that back pain gets easier for you. That makes my internet speed looks like i am crawling along, only 150 here. When i first moved in 6 years ago it was just 2mbps until the upgraded the local cabinet to fibre. real pain to do anything and used to borrow others connections to down load stuff😁 Take care Gaz
  9. Gazza


    coming up for my second dose, hopefully i wont get any reactions to the next does. Where's Daveb not seen him browsing the forum for a while, Dave you ok?
  10. Gazza


    i was only joking Dave, dry sense of humour i suppose. 😁 The wild life in your garden needs you.
  11. Gazza


    YAAAAWWWWN There's always one, No 16, - Have i got to much time on my hands? - Yes
  12. Gazza


    Hope you all recover quickly, not nice to have my son and his partner had it twice now.
  13. Gazza


    stops you dying from it though
  14. Gazza


    that's good news πŸ™ Dave you not had your vaccination yet ? considering your at risk and an old bugger 🀣 🀣
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