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  1. Goodbye old friend. Gone but never forgotten.
  2. It took me until this afternoon to tell my missus what's happened, to say I was upset is an understatement. All1 has upset me more than my old man dying. CT would understand how I feel. I just hope All1 wasn't alone at the end. Also just noticed his birthday is the day before mine. Hopefully Jamer will do something to commemorate All1's passing when appropriate.
  3. Hi Stirling It's a very sad day for me to here this. I never met your brother but have had some great banter with him on here. He was my go to guy when ever I needed something. All1, I hope your departure was painless m8. I for one will miss you. RIP friend.
  4. Not married 🙂 Been together over 31 years, but don't want to rush into it yet as she might not be the right one.
  5. She's always on my case All1. Water off a duck's back now.😁
  6. Such a small hard drive Dave 😉
  7. Come on in Dave the Windows 10 water is luvverly 😁
  8. Happy Birthday m8 🍺 Here's to another 10 years of supporting you 😉
  9. Thank you for the lifeline Gazza. Maybe I should bequeath you my title. Sir Gazza has a nice ring to it.
  10. That's uncalled for All1 ?
  11. Joke/Juke I see what you did there Dave ???
  12. Hope it's not running on Windows 10 Dave or you're going to be bitterly disappointed with it. Nice car though ?
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