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  1. Sir Zorro


    He was my go to guy. Always took the pi$$, but in a good way. Still missing you All1.
  2. If you could mount your drive in a USB caddy and explore the drive you might be in luck. I think Firefox creates a backup of bookmarks (& possibly passwords). Look in the folder where Firefox is installed and then look in profiles\bookmarkbackups. There should be some .jsonlz4 backup files which you can restore from Firefox using Bookmarks\Show All Bookmarks\Import & Backup\Restore\Choose A File then select your backup file. Hope this helps, and more importantly it works for you. Sir Z
  3. What browser were you using Dave?
  4. I know what you mean Gazza. They've recently spent hundreds of thousands closing our Costal Road and widening the cycle paths. So some knob decided that's not for him but the better option was to use the road and hold up all the traffic in a 50mph zone. I told him he was a selfish tnuc as I passed him. WFT is wrong with them? Were getting cycle lanes shove down our throats and all they do is cycle on the pavements 🀬
  5. Well not all words. I'll leave it to you to add the narration.... I wish I'd floored it and saved the oxygen for someone more deserving. KNOB ON A BIKE.mp4
  6. Yesterday I read on Facebook that it was a year since Morgan took his life. My thoughts are with you All1, sadly missed.
  7. I use Keypass to store all my passwords. Free so what's not to like? https://keepass.info/
  8. It's not me, but I'd wear those. Saves on laundry πŸ‘
  9. Sir Zorro


    That's good news for both of you πŸ‘
  10. Sir Zorro


    I hope that your son doesn't suffer too badly with the virus. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for your son, and that you don't catch it Dave.
  11. As the title, Happy New Year to all at Jamerspad. Let's hope that 2021 is much better than last year.
  12. Happy Christmas to all Padsters past & present. Will raise a glass to All1 πŸΊπŸ·πŸŽ„
  13. Let me know if you like it, nudge,nudge πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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