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  1. cobra

    Novak Djokovic

    It's actually very manipulative what Australia are doing and it's more politically motivated than scientifically motivated It's more about any influence he may on Australians than any risk of covid reinfection.
  2. Dam I got that wrong but AZ is supposed to have more side effects then Pfizer. The is one bit about all the anti vaccers if they get Covid and end up in intensive care the cocktail of drugs they are giving why they are unconscious and the side effects of them drugs is way more dangerous than anything else the vaccinations can do. So you have a vaccination and maybe feel like s**t for 1 or 2 days. intensive care & the cocktail of drugs will make you feel like s**t for 6-12 weeks and this is if your one of the lucky ones.
  3. 2 vaccinations and 1 booster is all you need (I don't think People understand that the 1st vaccination is just a half measure that's more about preparing your body for the full on 2nd vaccination) Think of it this way if you have had your 2nd jab you are only 1.5 and you need to be 2 or 2+ to protect yourself now if your booster is of the same type as the first two you will be given 1 full vaccination so you will be in the 2+ or 2.5 but if they are mixing the booster (not the same as the first two) then you will be given 0.5 up to 1 of the new vaccination making it 2 or 2+. I think this is what happened to Sir Zorro mixing the booster and 1 full shot. Zorro was the booster Moderna if not I bet it was two pfizer jabs then AZ as the booster.
  4. My first jab was the half dose of AZ then went back for the second full dose of AZ (not a lot of People know that it's the 2nd full dose that's important & is the one that does the job) But I know when I get the booster it will be Moderna and this will put me in bed for 2 days. early January this will be. Yes jabbed People can still spread it but a jabbed person will pass on a small viral load as opposed to an un-jabbed person who will have a higher viral load as the virus multiples uninhibited.
  5. If your spending that sort of money Dave for a 8TB take a look at LaCie it's still Seagate but with better cooling aluminium instead of plastic This is a 5TB Mobile Drive https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401997453873?hash=item5d98ea5a31:g:6v0AAOSwPpJd9LUh
  6. yes but it's a pain in the ass to do. https://www.howtogeek.com/131881/how-to-delete-files-older-than-x-days-on-windows/
  7. Anything over £50 recorded delivery it has saved me a lot. One time RM lost the item and they sent me a check for the value of the item.
  8. RIP This is the one that has the most views by a long shot.
  9. https://uk.pcmag.com/switches/127531/the-best-budget-routers-for-2020
  10. Stay away from Netgear (They look good when they come out but you will only get 1 or 2 firmware updates then they expect you to buy a new one every 3 or 4 years) If WiFi is important get WiFi6 (important that your first wifi6 device is a router) if your on a wird network then gigabit ports are needed. The best i can see for £100 is this https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-Next-Gen-Gigabit-Wireless-1201Mbps/dp/B083QK8HT2 Dave all the TP Link WiFi6 routers have the new UI so are a lot more easy to set up
  11. The Car was indicating the Bike with no lights or helmet come up the wrong side of the road. I counted at least 4 things the Biker did wrong in 5 seconds. The problem with that Dave is a lot of kids still ride bikes and the exercise is good for them (we have enough fat kids as it is) At the moment the police can only seize a unpowered vehicle if they think it's stolen we can fix by including Recklessness too. as for riding on the pavemen we need a speed limit like 10mph - 15mph
  12. It's funny how times have changed An advertisement for FIFA World Cup 2010 But if you sing this at Euro 2020 (2021) get a lifetime BAN from the game.
  13. Already happend in 2015 Your GP will of sent you a letter/card about the NHS National Database and to Opt Out you had to full in the letter/card and post it back or hand it in to your GP that was part 1. This looks like part 2 and Jamer you know one day the will be a part 3 were they move the goalpost again. Looks like the NHS is GDPR exempt as under GDPR rules you have to Opt-In by default (having to go to a site to Opt-Out is against the law) Google "gdpr requirements opt in"
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