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  1. cobra


    R.I.P Dave. we used to give tips back and forth as we were both Synology NAS users and how best to setup IP Cams was always tech tips he will be missed.
  2. I thought so too. it's a shame no-one is doing any as it only takes 10-15 minutes to put one together.
  3. Doing this out of boredom and I'd like to see what pad members can come up with. If anybody needs to know how to superimpose two photos in windows paint I will post this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmhjZ-2SnB4 I will get the ball rolling by posting this I put together.
  4. cobra

    Dirty scum

    I had this happen at my moms but my moms has a gate and fencing but the gate gets left open a lot but after one day the was a dozen+ turds in the garden we decided to keep the gate shut but the are times when we are out and get back to find the gate open and turds on the garden (we think some one is doing this on purpose) So i got a lock for the gate but one day we got back to find the gate was broken open the wood bit that had the lock on it was on the foor. when i fix the gate i will put a spring gate closer on it. If i ever find the dog and owner I will use my airsoft M9 beretta gun (plastic BBs) on the dogs nuts that will stop it.
  5. Anyone see the van at the end when the council worker is on it go's in the bus lane lol
  6. It's there to stop large vehicles and large vehicles like a Bus and HGV are 9-10 feel wide so make the gap 8.11 feet wide and the are only two reasons I can think of for not letting large vehicles down a road 1st the are bridges that can not accommodate large vehicles and 2nd dead ends and cul-de-sac were large vehicles can not maneuver good.
  7. 1kg bag of sugar (use to be -£1 now £1.25-£1.60) 1kg bag of Xylitol Sugar £10.99 It's not the sweets but the Xylitol used https://www.hollandandbarrett.com/shop/product/total-sweet-100-natural-xylitol-sugar-alternative-60042616?skuid=042616 dave you can get a 225g bag of Xylitol Sugar for £3.29 give it ago in your tea or coffee.
  8. My New Pixel 6 (has the new RCS "Rich Communications Services" replaces SMS/MMS) RCS can do all that Apple’s iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp can do in the default text app All android 12 phones AND tablets have it. I love using it but still have some friends on WhatsApp and on Apple’s iMessage I can show up as blue or green lol
  9. cobra

    Novak Djokovic

    With them doing U-turns on NHS staff and the fact that the omicron is more mild then covid yet if you get omicron you will have antibodies for the two types. Things will need to be reconsidered or it will start looking bad for them. we are at the point where the flu is more dangerous now.
  10. cobra

    Novak Djokovic

    It's actually very manipulative what Australia are doing and it's more politically motivated than scientifically motivated It's more about any influence he may on Australians than any risk of covid reinfection.
  11. Dam I got that wrong but AZ is supposed to have more side effects then Pfizer. The is one bit about all the anti vaccers if they get Covid and end up in intensive care the cocktail of drugs they are giving why they are unconscious and the side effects of them drugs is way more dangerous than anything else the vaccinations can do. So you have a vaccination and maybe feel like s**t for 1 or 2 days. intensive care & the cocktail of drugs will make you feel like s**t for 6-12 weeks and this is if your one of the lucky ones.
  12. 2 vaccinations and 1 booster is all you need (I don't think People understand that the 1st vaccination is just a half measure that's more about preparing your body for the full on 2nd vaccination) Think of it this way if you have had your 2nd jab you are only 1.5 and you need to be 2 or 2+ to protect yourself now if your booster is of the same type as the first two you will be given 1 full vaccination so you will be in the 2+ or 2.5 but if they are mixing the booster (not the same as the first two) then you will be given 0.5 up to 1 of the new vaccination making it 2 or 2+. I think this is what happened to Sir Zorro mixing the booster and 1 full shot. Zorro was the booster Moderna if not I bet it was two pfizer jabs then AZ as the booster.
  13. My first jab was the half dose of AZ then went back for the second full dose of AZ (not a lot of People know that it's the 2nd full dose that's important & is the one that does the job) But I know when I get the booster it will be Moderna and this will put me in bed for 2 days. early January this will be. Yes jabbed People can still spread it but a jabbed person will pass on a small viral load as opposed to an un-jabbed person who will have a higher viral load as the virus multiples uninhibited.
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