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  1. Anything over £50 recorded delivery it has saved me a lot. One time RM lost the item and they sent me a check for the value of the item.
  2. RIP This is the one that has the most views by a long shot.
  3. https://uk.pcmag.com/switches/127531/the-best-budget-routers-for-2020
  4. Stay away from Netgear (They look good when they come out but you will only get 1 or 2 firmware updates then they expect you to buy a new one every 3 or 4 years) If WiFi is important get WiFi6 (important that your first wifi6 device is a router) if your on a wird network then gigabit ports are needed. The best i can see for £100 is this https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-Next-Gen-Gigabit-Wireless-1201Mbps/dp/B083QK8HT2 Dave all the TP Link WiFi6 routers have the new UI so are a lot more easy to set up
  5. The Car was indicating the Bike with no lights or helmet come up the wrong side of the road. I counted at least 4 things the Biker did wrong in 5 seconds. The problem with that Dave is a lot of kids still ride bikes and the exercise is good for them (we have enough fat kids as it is) At the moment the police can only seize a unpowered vehicle if they think it's stolen we can fix by including Recklessness too. as for riding on the pavemen we need a speed limit like 10mph - 15mph
  6. It's funny how times have changed An advertisement for FIFA World Cup 2010 But if you sing this at Euro 2020 (2021) get a lifetime BAN from the game.
  7. Already happend in 2015 Your GP will of sent you a letter/card about the NHS National Database and to Opt Out you had to full in the letter/card and post it back or hand it in to your GP that was part 1. This looks like part 2 and Jamer you know one day the will be a part 3 were they move the goalpost again. Looks like the NHS is GDPR exempt as under GDPR rules you have to Opt-In by default (having to go to a site to Opt-Out is against the law) Google "gdpr requirements opt in"
  8. Virgin are all good and fast till some joyrider crashes into that green box outside your home. Your on Gig+ 95% down and 4.5% up you do know that's non even a Gig let alone a Gig+ the ISPs really need to start giving uploads @ 100mbps on any Gig package they sell. 900mbps down 100mbps up for a Gig package and 1000+mbps down and 100+mbps up for any Gig+ package (personally I'd like a 500mbps down 500mbps up package) anyhow dave i hope your back pain can be treated and softed out for you.
  9. cobra


    Not a big fan of the M.E.P songs (MEP is where you sing about 10-15 seconds of a song then 10-15 seconds if the next song non stop) I only like MEPs that all from the same band/group like the daft punk and the is a ABBA one that i seen years ago that was good.
  10. The timing for it to be Hewitt is off. the are people saying they had known each other 2 years before Harry was born but the is no proof of this and remember princess Diana was the most photographed person in the world (at thhe time) The first official meeting of Diana & Hewitt was when Diana was looking for a horse riding instructor for here two young boys to learn horse riding.
  11. Please remember that Meagan is a feminism (third-wave or fourth-wave) I think she is 3rd as 4th has only being going since 2012 and feminisms can be very manipulative. Remember that the Queen & tax payer paid £32 million ($45 million) for the Harry and Meagan Wedding. William and Catherine only cost £25 million ($34 million) And with all royal couples they were engaged for over a year (This is so the non royal in the couple has time to adjust to the new royal way of doing things) The were people predicting some of this before the ring was even on the finger. And then you get all the racism crap Meagan is NOT black she is mixed race (But it's convenient to forget half your heritage when your having a dig at half of it) The bad bit about all of this is the are people losing/quitting jobs for blasphemy against Meagan.
  12. cobra


    I.D Cards are NOT about having nothing to hide it's about control at the moment you can walk down the street and not need the governments permission to do so. When you have a I.D card it's permission to go out on the street and i bet like a driving licence the will be a points system "say the wrong thing to a snowflake get a point" Then go to see that new movie sorry sir you have a point on your I.D so your not coming in. Macs an I.D card is not what you think it is. when you joined the armed forces you agreed to a I.D card as part of the job when you get a driving licence you agree to any T&C same with bus pass and so on But with a I.D card system the is no consent (So say I break the rules of the I.D system i did not consent too in the first place do i get any punishment under wich i have not consent too. Look at most the of the countries that have some type of I.D system then look at how democracy works in them I think here in the U.K we are better than that.
  13. cobra


    From my post above I said it will happen but they are calling them Vaccine passports https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-55718553 If your Anti-Vaccine it looks like you will be wearing that mask for the next 5 years and being barred from half the things going on I also bet on the back of this that ID Cards will be on the books again.
  14. cobra


    It's OK for someone like Dave to say he is not getting one of the vaccinations But they are already putting it into work contracts. if your already working you are OK but if you are going for a new job that involves you being in contact with workers or the public they can put that you have to have the vaccination. No vaccination = No Job We will end up having health passports (I'm going to call it a green card) you go to the Cinema no green card no movie / You make a reservation for a restaurant no green card that reservation becomes a takeaway you go to get on the Train no green card no journey. And they will word it so that any reservation fees or tickets already sold will be non-refundable for not having a green card as the responsibility for this will be on YOU.
  15. Happy Christmas all. As for covid restrictions were I am is tier 3 but down the motorway about 9 miles is Telford tier 2 so the is that 🙂
  16. The explore side of VR is a lot better then the gaming side only half-life: alyx & star wars squadron are what I'd call full games the rest are like demos to me It's my mate that has a VR
  17. Had the same thing with my mom at an old address You can put a sign up on YOUR fence like "no parking for resident only" or "reserved parking" Or some cones they are a £5 on screwfix (how likely are they to get nicked in your area) Even if you get a drop curb a no parking sign like the above is still a good idea.
  18. Have a look at http://popurls.com/
  19. I would of done lockdown end of January and had all flights into the UK on two week isolation at the same time But yes in this day and age your dammed if you do and dammed if you don't
  20. For free ware i use ninite https://ninite.com/ Click on all the software your after and it will instill it all in one go
  21. cobra


    They are making it crapper so at a later date they can try and sell you a premium account that has all the extra that are free at the moment. It's called MVP "minimum viable product" if you have a product and the is a free & premium version of that product it's the free version. in gaming it's called A minimum viable game. Them games that you think are free kids go on them and empty the parents bank account.
  22. cobra


    Shame they are not all together anymore (the one with the beard left years ago) And i remember back in the day they won a talent show ( it was america's got talent or american x factor) one of the big one's my favorite is this one.
  23. I have never met any pad members in real life but have known some of you on here in some shape or form going all the way back to the end of the 90s (I think it was 97/98 when i become a member) I remember A1W going back 20 years ago now we chatted on and off for 20 years So I can say for one he will be missed. R.I.P A1W
  24. I've seen it for about £45 too. Remember the U.K price normally includes VAT @ 20% and in the U.S tax is added at checkout. If you buy an item here at £500 that's £400 for the item and £100 VAT (at xe.com today £400 GBP is = to $504.90 USD) in the U.S the is a flat VAT @ 10% + a state rate on top (not listing all of them) some states levy no personal income tax but levy a higher VAT rate. if you look at Alabama it has VAT @ 13.50% + the flat VAT @ 10% = 23.50% But this is the only place in the U.S were it cost more then the U.K the next one after this is California at 7.25%
  25. Thanks for link always good to have a backup player. VLC can play H264 and H265 4K but on H264 you need this setup right hardware acceleration turned on if your vid card supports it off if it doesn't as for H265 you will need hardware acceleration for this one especially if your going 4K.
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