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  1. djweeble


    Install an add-on called Fluff Busting Purity, it allows you to use and see Farcebook how YOU want it to be, not how SuckyBird wants you to have it 😀
  2. You can't beat DJI for drones. I'm currently flying a Mavic Pro, but before that I had a Phantom 4 Pro
  3. How about a beer for your barrack room lawyer Nice result by the way ?
  4. As long as you have paperwork proving they owe you, and you have been through all the effort of trying to get them to pay, the first thing you must do is send them a letter warning them that they have 7 days from it's receipt to pay up, or face a county court claim. Send the letter by registered post so you can track when it was received. If you don't get a reply by the end of business on the last day of the seven days, DO NOT waste any time, file a claim immediately with Money Claim Online, claiming the outstanding money, the court fees, reasonable costs for yourself (postage, phone calls
  5. I've been in the aviation industry for so long now, I thought it was time to try a new direction........ not a completely new direction mind you !!! I'm now doing prototype development work for Lilium GmbH in Munich...... Look us up and prepare to be amazed...... lilium.com
  6. djweeble


    This company have no powers at all to deduct money directly from your bank account without your knowledge. What usually happens is that your account or card details have been cloned, and then used by someone else online, the easiest way to use cloned cards etc. Tracerecovery then just go ahead and charge your account without any further checks, it's not illegal, but it is immoral ! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, check your account statements, and if possible have your banking set to send you a message about all card transactions or debit withdrawals. I have mine set to send me a 6 digit code every ti
  7. Right now........... it's bloody raining
  8. Appy Burpday JamersPad Oh, and Grumps...... stories of your demise were a bit premature on the Rivet then, we haven't seen you for months
  9. Shit man ! That's some serious stuff ! I don't know where to start on this one, but I do/did have a mate that took the Dignitas Clinic route a couple of years ago....... totally in secret, none of us knew anything until the day after she did it ! I'm NOT recommending that, I never would, I'd always be the one to err on the side of "it will all be OK with the right care and attention from yourself and your medics", but if it ever does look like the prognosis is BAD, and I mean very BAD........... I'm saying no more.
  10. Well, so much for coming back to the UK last month !I left Saudi (maybe only temporarily) and ended up in Norway again, sorting out all my shit from the last time I was there, and putting my van back on the road to bring it all to the UK.Then...... out of the blue...... Hi Phil, how do you fancy 6 months in Mexico ?Well the $$ rate was too good to refuse, so here I am, in Queretaro in central Mexico, topping up the bank balance, and the suntan, oggling the beautiful señoritas, and downing copious quantities of Corona by the pool at £1 a bottle.
  11. You should get it checked regularly if you can, and they can usually be refilled if required, the only lifed item really is the cylinder. Most of the ones we use are lifed at ten years, you will normally find an expiry date for it stamped into the cylinder itself.
  12. Best all round extinguisher, if you can get hold of one, is a CO2, it puts the fire out with no damage to other surrounding items. A dry powder extinguisher puts out the fire just as effectively, but it causes hugely excessive mess ,and terminal damage to any electrical items that even the smallest trace of the powder gets into, and it gets everywhere, including adjacent rooms with closed doors, it eats electrical conductors, slowly but surely.
  13. Good advice Rother. You could also take a look at the consumer action group forums, there's stacks of information there.
  14. djweeble


    28 to 30 minutes per battery on the DJI Phantom 4
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