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  1. Cheers mister, I'll give it a go 👍
  2. Can anyone point me in the direction of some free software to transfer MP3's and video's to an old iPad please. My daughter has been given an old first generation iPad to use in the car as a music and video player..... it's incapable of much more than that !!! I refuse to put iToons anywhere near any of my PC's as it's little more than a controlling virus, and I've been unable to find anything out there that does it for free apart from an initial 20 or so files as a trial !
  3. At least you're still here Dave, more than can be said for most of the members now Farcebook has destroyed the forum world ! BTW, I know what it's like to be getting old....... 60 now myself..... and gradually seizing up at the joints ...... At least my brain still works...... unlike some of the woke pre programmed younger end that are up and coming....... I despair for the world, and especially for my newest daughter..... 11 months old and absolutely gorgeous 🥰 Photo's are available if anyone is interested 😂
  4. I just keep a notepad file on my phone with all my usernames and passwords abbreviated to something in a fashion that only I can work out. Never had a problem 👍
  5. djweeble


    My 2 year old Alienware R5 17, 32GB, 12 core 8th Gen i9 will p1ss all over any McMac on the market mate 😄
  6. djweeble


    Had my jab on Friday...... felt fine all day, but woke up on Saturday feeling like I'd been hit by a train ! Only problem I've had is when I went to sleep Saturday night, I was very slow getting my head together and getting out of bed on Sunday morning, then I found I'd upgraded to Windows 11 ! Now I just have a nagging little voice whispering in my head all the time........ "Windows not Mac"..."Windows not Mac"
  7. I'd love someone to get hold of a DNA sample somehow, and prove that he's Hewitts son 😄
  8. Merry Chrimbo all 🥂 I'll be raising a glass to All1 as well Sir Z 👍
  9. djweeble


    Install an add-on called Fluff Busting Purity, it allows you to use and see Farcebook how YOU want it to be, not how SuckyBird wants you to have it 😀
  10. You can't beat DJI for drones. I'm currently flying a Mavic Pro, but before that I had a Phantom 4 Pro
  11. How about a beer for your barrack room lawyer Nice result by the way ?
  12. As long as you have paperwork proving they owe you, and you have been through all the effort of trying to get them to pay, the first thing you must do is send them a letter warning them that they have 7 days from it's receipt to pay up, or face a county court claim. Send the letter by registered post so you can track when it was received. If you don't get a reply by the end of business on the last day of the seven days, DO NOT waste any time, file a claim immediately with Money Claim Online, claiming the outstanding money, the court fees, reasonable costs for yourself (postage, phone calls, time spent on it times the minimum wage rate, etc, etc), plus the all important 8% compound interest on the outstanding amount from the day it was originally owed. There are calculators online that will work out the amount of interest for you, and the daily rate it is increasing by. They then have 14 days I believe (though it may have changed) to either admit the claim or contest it, from the sound of it they have no contest , when they admit it, they will have to cough up, if they fail to answer the court papers, you will win by default. The court will set a date by which they have to pay the money, if they fail, you can start the procedure to send in the bailiffs, most defaulting companies will pay up when they see this happening, but it will usually happen before. Unfortunately you will have to pay the fees up front, but these are 100% reclaimable as part of the court action.
  13. I've been in the aviation industry for so long now, I thought it was time to try a new direction........ not a completely new direction mind you !!! I'm now doing prototype development work for Lilium GmbH in Munich...... Look us up and prepare to be amazed...... lilium.com
  14. djweeble


    This company have no powers at all to deduct money directly from your bank account without your knowledge. What usually happens is that your account or card details have been cloned, and then used by someone else online, the easiest way to use cloned cards etc. Tracerecovery then just go ahead and charge your account without any further checks, it's not illegal, but it is immoral ! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, check your account statements, and if possible have your banking set to send you a message about all card transactions or debit withdrawals. I have mine set to send me a 6 digit code every time my card is used, and the payment is rejected if I don't enter it in my bank app within 10 minutes.
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