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  1. Jesus, I thought he was getting over it... but I read, they never do. I was hoping he would. RIP Morgan.
  2. One of the problems is that the media are doom-mongers. Remember Brexit? The UK was going to fall apart within weeks. (they had three years of reporting this shit) Scary headlines make more money, terrifying the public is their game. I am not for one minute playing down the seriousness of this virus, people are dying but there has to be a bit of reality. By now, quite a few 'famous' people have it or have had it - even the prime minister. Are they dead from it? No In fact, about all of the famous people are reported to have 'mild symptoms' And there
  3. The disadvantages far outway the advantages. They are great cars if you only drive locally and charge every night. But even think of that - you have to charge every night and not forget to. Recently, my alternator failed and I had to wait a week for a replacement fitting. The battery went flat during the day and I had to charge for hours every night It was a complete pain in the arse.... To be condemned to that for the life of the car is no joke. How do you go across the country in one day? Drive 200 or so miles then charge for 8 hours before you can come back.
  4. To be honest Jamer....most popular forum websites are dying on their feet. I have been a member of quite a few, one in particular that was for up and coming writers and comedians. They had some famous people contribute regularly and a few members went on to be professional writers and TV stars with guidance from the regulars Every day it used to say something like 200 new posts. Hell, even I sold some material through them to some TV celebrities. Not sure I mentioned it before, but one of my gags was even told on the Royal Variety show and Charles and Camilla la
  5. I had a toshiba and had to update the firmware/software on the tv to play videos from a usb. (it then played them all - any format) I downloaded the file from toshiba, put it on the usb and there was an option to update the tv.
  6. Ah well, it's your choice, your life. We have to respect that. Goodbye Morgan.
  7. Bloody hell Morgan... that took some reading. So surreal I thought at first it was a wind up... a bit of a sick wind up but just a joke As I read on, it became painfully obvious it wasn't. I say painfully, as it hurt to read of your life. I'm no psychologist or bereavement counselor and cannot even slightly imagine what you are going through but I know you are hurt very bad. This stuff with the rape and bleach is so unimaginable but I know it's the truth.. (gulp) You are what - 53, another 30 years to live naturally. Don't let debt and charges make you end
  8. I'm surprised you haven't closed a long time back jamer. It must be painful to keep coughing up and seeing so few posters or visitors. As I've said before, I've been here from almost the beginning under different names as I was banned a couple of times. (That troy fella really didn't like me) And lol, alloneword called me a C**t a couple of times hehe (probably deserved as I was being one) But in the beginning it was a great place to get software etc that was hard to find. and ironically, it's getting hard to find again with all the ISP's blocking everything. E
  9. I did it a few years back. I had to pay £200 to file the complaint with county court. And another £200 when it went to court. They were found guilty in their absence and ironically, paid up the next day (including all costs) They even complained to me by email that they now had a recorded CCJ registered against them even though they paid up... and it would affect their credit rating. This was a Ltd Business and I later found out you can actually go to the .gov site and fill in a claim there and they have to power to freeze their bank accounts and stop them trading.
  10. Sounds like me and that Wanker Iain Lee. He only lets sycophants follow him. He moans on every tweet how depressed he is and how he wants to end his life and his acolytes tweet in thousands how great he is. He does this every day and back they all come 'but you are wonderful Iain' I said get some treatment and stay off twitter until you are better. - Instant block. I wouldn't buy twitter accounts - it's easy enough to open multiple gmail accounts and use each one to join twitter with a different name. Use autofil for all the different accounts and then take your
  11. The tactics used by the losing voters and politicians are as old as man itself. The divide and conquer tactic being the main one. There is a book that is called The Art of War. It was written 2000 years ago by a chinese general. It's a hard read but every chapter is on how to overcome your enemy when you are in the minority. Rule 1. cause fear and uncertainty within your enemy and friends alike. When total confusion and abject fear is present, strike hard. Ring any bells?
  12. Rother


    Interesting. I had a 'do' with them a year or two back. I received a parking fine for over-staying in Brighton I'd never been to Brighton. (live in Yorkshire) I contacted the people who sent the fine and they said ok, it will be rescinded But trace recovery took the money out of my account There is some strange law where these people can just take money from you without permission or you giving them bank details I got it back.
  13. Not as cheeky as that but a while ago, my nextdoor neighbor had their wifi/camera door bell stolen. They masked up and prized it off the door. Cheeky bastards. They have film of it but they had face masks on - it being halloween they weren't out of place. Before it stopped broadcasting though, the video showed them getting on two distinct bicycles. I'm keeping my eye out for those.
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