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  1. Bod


    I was just thinking and logged in, to find my friend Morgan has passed. He did call me last year and his soul mate/ partner SUE had passed away. I knew he had a downward path which ended up in not a good place but I didn't know the extent of his sadness. RIP M8. PS sorry its been a looooonnnngggg time. D4V3
  2. Sorry for being away for so long but things happen in life and you just get on that path of no or little return..Thanks Colin for keeping my account active, can't thank you enough..Hopefully I can assist in certain sections with my past knowledge...Br Dave
  3. Bod

    Happy New Year

    I just wish this year I win the lottery and find a decent salt. Br Bod
  4. Bod

    mad magazine

    Sorry put in wrong section,,,
  5. Bod

    mad magazine

    Anyone have MAX POWER 1st edition as I was told my Mk1 MEXICO was in that edition :Surprise: Br
  6. Bod


    This is the first that I have known about this and I am concerned for Alloneword as I have known him for years. I will call him in the week and see what the situation is as I myself as not spoken to him for a couple of years (my fault) Sparks has always been a pain in the a$$ but it takes all types of contraversal & political focused people to make this world. Sparks I will personally donate to get your Pony tail cut off WBR
  7. Just need a few Big Boy Bomb's and nobody's a winner :Surprise: The end of Mankind. The End.
  8. Bod

    Sock Cooker

    Never seen that before, but I use to put my wet socks in the works microwave when no ones about :Nervous: Very quick. :In-love: No I didnt use it for my food or drink. Br
  9. We used that in the shop for cleaning the circuit boards etc :Winky: Alcohol is sensitive to light and heat also if the seal is broke on the container it will start to degrade, it loses it volatility just like gas :Smiler: I take it you have the aerosol type with the straw :In-love: . We had the container. Br
  10. Bod

    been a while

    Ah were in the same boat Mr D :In-love: I have to behave now SPARKS has some POWER :Winky: Br
  11. Thanks, will do :Winky: Br
  12. Hi, C Long ------------------------------ long story. I will be staying around for a while, so see what I can do!! Thanks for keeping my details :Thumbs_Up1: I just need to change my e-mail at some point. :Winky: PS why are some members Avatar not showing?
  13. Hi, A1W, everyone fine :Winky: . Shop closed last year so no more Service Centre after 12 years :Weep: but was a great experience for me. I'll be in touch soon m8 :Cool: Br
  14. Yea, will try and add some help & support in "that section" :Winky: Feels like I'm HOME aagain :Thumbs_Up1: Br
  15. Hi m8 aint seen you since the meeting at the pub!! :Surprise: Yes I have now found the smileys :In-love: Br
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