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  1. Sorry Gazza im good m8 still pottering around as usual, Hows things your end
  2. Aw A1W and here's me worried you'd miss me, Sorry btw to here things have got so bad your picking your own fluff these days :Fun:
  3. I know i've been missing a while work work work and facebook lol
  4. Hi Babe hows it going with you
  5. Yeah been a while hasn't it sorry been so long
  6. yeah the bastards buried me well deep this time took some time to dig my way out... Hows things m8 ?
  7. Hi all thought it time i checked in hows everyone doing ?
  8. Mr Dead

    been a while

    @A1W you do realise i only asked out of politeness a reply was not expected lol :Fun: :Fun: and you really should be careful haveing all those ###### especially in your condition :Surprise: :Surprise: @DJ............ WHO ????? :Winky:
  9. Mr Dead

    been a while

    LOL nah your ok m8 i'm not back on the scrounge well not yet any ways how are you well i hope ??
  10. Mr Dead

    been a while

    cant get over how much the place has changed Jamer been busy i see but then again whats new lol
  11. Mr Dead

    been a while

    thanks guys this place appears to have done a facebook and changed again lol
  12. Mr Dead

    been a while

    Sorry folks been a while since been on hope everyone is ok ? So what's the news, who is doing what to who and does it hurt. Just completed my SIA training so hoping it'll lead to a job as I've had no luck since losing mine last year can't believe how expensive it is to sit for this licence mind £180 for 4 day course which included Physical Intervention course and £245 for the actual application for licence i thought the idea of this was to stop the crooks from working lol Mr D
  13. Cheers m8 not exactly same but very close doesn't look like i can update it mind according to them no worries :Smiler:
  14. Hi all just got this media player all i know about it is it's firmware which is 1018_090708_rel_tp_iphone_bg_s I also know it's 8GB touch screen about 2.5 inch by 1.5 inch 3 buttons near bottom of front marked - M + That's pretty much it so any help would be great in helping me figure it out cheers
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