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    I'm very sorry to read this. Thank you Mrs DaveB for letting us know. It was a shock. RIP old friend.
  2. I'm from Yorkshire, and I honestly don't know anyone who has died from covid. I had covid before any jabs and I was very ill for a week - But not as ill as when I had bad flu. I had no sense of taste or smell for about 6 weeks and didn't feel right for about 2 months. I've had the 2 jabs (pfizer) and felt rotten for a couple of days after each. In my book - I've had the virus and 2 vaccinations and been ill every time. No more for me If I don't have enough anti bodies by now then I never will.
  3. Rother


    It took some understanding while he was posting about his decline in health and mental health. We all watched in increasing dread as he starting giving specifics of how and when he would end his life. Despite pleas from many members - we were helpless, and so was he. I always hoped he wouldn't do it but from his life stories, he'd had a constant bad time and he could only see one way out. RIP Morgan. At peace now.
  4. Of course. Loved the matches where we were not involved (ENG) but find it painful to watch us - not because they are bad but you live every moment. Every bad pass hurts. Every wrong decision has you jumping out of your chair. How can this be fun lol. Come on England.
  5. You have just reminded me Dave. A few weeks ago, I decided to leave Virgin Media. The bill was going up every 4 months to the point I was paying over £100 a month and not using half the services. All I liked was the internet connection. 100MB is fast enough for me. It was hell of a job getting shut - they pass you around until you give up They would not give me a good deal on just an internet connection. They wanted £44 just for that so I said disconnect the lot - the internet, the tv package and the house phone (which is never used) On the day of disconnection they called me. Trying to offer me a good deal. I said no - I was already in the process of getting another provider for the internet. Then I was passed to another person and bingo, an offer I could not refuse was given. £22 for 200MB for 18 months with no price increase and I can cancel anytime. Only when they are sure you are leaving will they offer such deals. Sorry about your health problems Dave. It's lovely getting old eh.
  6. I reckon Hewitt will have been paid off with none disclosure agreement. The Queen will have put an official secrets act on him. Our great grand kids will find this out in 100 years.
  7. I suppose we have all had a mate that was out with you every night - then found a bird and just disappeared into the ether with her. That's Harry. On the nest every night, falling madly in love and sod the rest. She's made him believe that he has escaped a regime to a better place. The man was an army warrior - we've all seen the video where he was being interviewed at camp bastion and running off half way to join his men in some emergency or other. I'm afraid the man has fallen for a vamp and all his sensibilities are out of the window. Everybody can see it except him.. There is no hope - he's gone.
  8. Rother


    The ID card cannot be introduced - at least not through the front door. But we all carry some form of identification and think nothing of it. Passports, driving license, bank cards, trade cards etc etc. Anyway - back to the main topic.......... Each daily news report shows the covid infection and death rates are dropping dramatically. Even the news channels that love to spread fear are conceding this. In two weeks - these figures will be negligible as a percentage of a population of nearly 70 Million. I suspect Boris will change the road map out to sooner than predicted. It's his big chance to become a hero..............Boris saved us.
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    I had my vaccine Tuesday. Wednesday/Thursday I felt crud as my immune system kicked in to fight it. I had covid back in August with confirmed anti-bodies in my system - but still felt poorly this week. Today - fit as a fiddle and totally immune. At this moment there are 18 million immune older and vulnerable people. This can only go one way - and quick.
  10. Rother


    You need to try read a bit about the history of vaccines. You probably had them when you were young. Polio vaccine was given with a sugar cube - seems strange maybe but it wiped out polio. Once the conspiracy theories get in your head, it's hard to change your mind. You stop believing the truth and think anyone that does is an idiot. So many 'far more deadly' diseases have been eradicated by vaccines. There is no 'new world order or 'reset. It's a virus that was released in China by foul or fair ways - we'll probably never know how it got out. It's a bad time at the moment and we have all had a year taken off us but it will all come right in the end.
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    That is total mis-information. Sorry to say it - but that is absolute bollockx
  12. Rother


    Try to remember, the death rate from it is very low. The daily deaths announcements are extremely tainted. My neighbour went into hospital with pneumonia (82) he tested negative then caught it in hospital. He sadly died 2 days later and the death certificate said died of covid. My whole family have had it, including me (and I am in the high risk area) We were all ill for 2 weeks with absolutely no sense of taste or smell for a month. It's nasty but not a death sentence.
  13. Dzien dobry Jamer, chesh, Yakshi mash No idea how to spell those words - but they sound like that :)
  14. Aye RIP Babs. In the spirit of Carry On...............did she get a shag Jamer?
  15. As the title, merry Christmas to the few that wander by :) A strange one for sure. I can't go to the pub Christmas dinnertime as I have done with a few friends for 20/30 years. Then totter back to a full house full of merriment. Enjoy yourselves the best you can. Maybe include in your toasts an absent friend from here.
  16. Fitting pun I thought. RIP Jamers Pad We had some good times
  17. The Poles have the immigration policy sewn up.
  18. It's politicians playing with science and scientists playing with politics.... what could go wrong? He has an impossible job with millions waiting to pounce if he gets something wrong. Nobody offers an alternative just scorn. For instance...what would you do?
  19. Jesus, I thought he was getting over it... but I read, they never do. I was hoping he would. RIP Morgan.
  20. One of the problems is that the media are doom-mongers. Remember Brexit? The UK was going to fall apart within weeks. (they had three years of reporting this shit) Scary headlines make more money, terrifying the public is their game. I am not for one minute playing down the seriousness of this virus, people are dying but there has to be a bit of reality. By now, quite a few 'famous' people have it or have had it - even the prime minister. Are they dead from it? No In fact, about all of the famous people are reported to have 'mild symptoms' And there's the rub - and sort of my point. The daily reports of deaths never ever, not once do they say how many survived or just recovered. If they said 50.000 cases and 300 died that would be better reporting but that is 'sort of good news - and that doesn't sell They used to say of those that died ' they had underlying health problems' but they have even stopped saying that now Instead they focus on the occasional seemingly healthy person that died. That makes much better frightening news. Everyone is bound to think if they died, so could I I agree with the lock down even though it is going to cause me financial hardship. I'm alone in my office with absolutely nothing to do. All I ask is don't believe everything you read............it's just someone's opinion. These people today are now saying it will be a 6 month lockdown Just someone's opinion but that opinion will spread worse than the virus.
  21. The disadvantages far outway the advantages. They are great cars if you only drive locally and charge every night. But even think of that - you have to charge every night and not forget to. Recently, my alternator failed and I had to wait a week for a replacement fitting. The battery went flat during the day and I had to charge for hours every night It was a complete pain in the arse.... To be condemned to that for the life of the car is no joke. How do you go across the country in one day? Drive 200 or so miles then charge for 8 hours before you can come back. They say they will invent super batteries that will charge in an hour - they haven't yet and probably can't unless a super material as yet unknown is found. If they go down the road of zero emissions, it will probably have to be hydrogen powered cars that only emit water vapour but even then every car will have a tank of liquid hydrogen on board.... You will have seen what happened to The Hindenburg
  22. To be honest Jamer....most popular forum websites are dying on their feet. I have been a member of quite a few, one in particular that was for up and coming writers and comedians. They had some famous people contribute regularly and a few members went on to be professional writers and TV stars with guidance from the regulars Every day it used to say something like 200 new posts. Hell, even I sold some material through them to some TV celebrities. Not sure I mentioned it before, but one of my gags was even told on the Royal Variety show and Charles and Camilla laughed at it (my proudest moment lol) But now the bush weed rolls through that forum. It's absolutely to do with the popularity of Twitter, FB, instagram and all the other posting platforms. The death knell for forums I'm afraid. Been great knowing you Colin and all the members. Used to be such fun on here ... and very helpful at times. As they say in Yorkshire 'Save thi brass lad' I shall call in a few times before I get the 'site not found' message. Footnote: I hate to ask...but any news on Alloneword's situation? Cheers Rother AKA Keith
  23. I had a toshiba and had to update the firmware/software on the tv to play videos from a usb. (it then played them all - any format) I downloaded the file from toshiba, put it on the usb and there was an option to update the tv.
  24. Ah well, it's your choice, your life. We have to respect that. Goodbye Morgan.
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