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  1. Well explained. It takes a bit of getting used to.................and a lot of 'ah bollks to this' but it can be good - even great when you are familiar with it. You often see famous people falling out online It can be hilarious. Not that i'm a famous people follower... most are complete tw@ts But sometimes they go into meltdown. You will see it in 'trending' even if you don't follow anyone involved and then read the whole story. No one can delete the tweets (there are no mod's) apart from the original tweeter and even if they do many have retweeted them so the story stay alive.
  2. Like all these social media things, there is good and bad. I've been on twitter for years - and you hit the nail on the head with the 'early news' part. If something is in the news on TV but 'for legal reasons' they can't name the person or what exactly happened You can be absolutely sure that loads of people will have named the person and what happened within minutes of it occurring. There's a 'feed' or 'trending' column always on so if you miss the news - it's there. Often before the media have got the story. There is no gagging or censoring of anybody - people can say what they like. The Jeremy Clarkson indecent, where he was fired for hitting the producer. He was on telling his side - knowing he was in the sh1t. His side was never published in the news. You chose who to 'follow' and you see their tweets (sounds corny or even creepy) but there are some very entertaining tweeters out there. Take for instance the other week - the hotel fire in Dubai. It came on 'trending' before it broke on the news. People who were there were taking videos of it. The news got wind of it and actually showed twitter videos. You can of course go incognito. Open a new gmail account and call yourself what you like. You can tweet famous people and if they 'like' or object' to what you have said they will answer you (for all to see that follow that person) I've been answered and re-tweeted by quite a few famous people. Be warned though, if you say something horrible to someone - all the followers are likely to tweet you calling you a w***** and c*** etc which in itself can be very amusing. What I'm getting at is: you only see and read what you want to see. You don't see everybody's tweets - just those you want to follow. There are a lot of tossers who try to follow you..........but it's one click to block them. I read twitter every morning while having my first cuppa..........like reading the newspaper but only the good bits.
  3. I will be watching GEAR KNOBS on prime TV (wink wink) Where Jezzer Hampster and May have a new show coming out soon..
  4. I absolutely agree. Banks are sneaky f3cks. years ago I inherited a large sum and opened a high interest savings account with the Yorkshire Bank and put the lot in the new account. I didn't touch it or use it for years..........then one day I needed the money. I had an unused cheque book for the account and took that to the bank. They said the account did not exist!!! it was not on any of their computers or any old ledgers. It was lucky I still had the cheque-book as proof. After weeks they told me they had found it and told me the account had been marked as 'dormant' Dormant must mean taken off all records so that if I died or forgot about it no one else would be able to get at it or know of it. They must have thousands and thousands of these accounts that go dormant for whatever reason....and no one ever gets to draw on them.
  5. I have had it a few times both with my business account and personal account it's not that they don't have your money - it's to do with money laundering......and directly connected to terrorism. If I need to transfer or take out a big lump - I am informed that the inland revenue will be told of this transaction and it will be logged with them. Not to be racist but certain members of our society send money that has never seen a bank (cash) abroad for whatever reason But as usual - honest people feel the brunt.
  6. Rother


    Who dear, me dear, camp dear, no dear....... how very dare you.
  7. See it all the time mate. A year ago a woman ran into the back of me while I was stopped at red traffic lights. Not like I had just stopped either.... been stopped for a few minutes. She was on her phone AND putting her makeup on. She hit me with such force I was pushed into the car in front too. My car was written off. (I was the sandwich) When I got out her makeup was all over her dashboard along with her phone. Because she was in shock, I was easy on her but I told her I could easily phone the police. Putting makeup on in the rear view mirror while talking on the phone, I ask you. And on that same note, I find women are far more aggressive drivers than men. If someone is 'up your a.r$e at speed I can guarantee it will be a woman.
  8. The essence of Top Gear was the relationship between the three presenters and the 'dirty tricks' they played on each other. Staged or scripted doesn't really matter - it was funny and very entertaining. The episode where JC drove a three wheeler Reliant was comedy gold. It will be a completely different program without them and probably wont run beyond one series.
  9. Rother


    Hya mate - I remember your name. Welcome back (and as the Americans like to say) Stay a while.
  10. I suspect the only difference to his life now will be 'more expensive alcohol' Instead of Morrison's own brand strong lager it will be Moet and Chandon etc. It's a terrible affliction - alcoholism and if they can't help themselves, nobody will. George Best was given a liver transplant and another chance..........he pickled that one too. People do really believe they are indestructible.
  11. I hope you manage it...... In the early days of the internet I foresaw the massive potential of the internet. This was when only 'dial-up' was available and you paid for an ISP and paid per minute to the telephone company. There was also only .com and .co.uk extensions available. I registered a lot of company names in both formats and set a girl on to flog them to the companies. Nobody was interested, they thought it was a passing fad. But disastrously, I used a registrant who turned out to be a dodgy cnut. On reflection, I should have been a registrant myself - it's simple enough but at the time, I didn't know enough. I decided I would just sit on the names until the internet became more popular (or park the name as it is called) But WTF............ the registrant charged me for 2 years subscriptions (including my own company name .co.uk and .com) and I didn't know at that time you had to renew each year. He didn't pay nominet for the 2nd year (and kept mine and probably thousands more peoples money) and I lost the lot. My name is on a lot of famous companies 'previous owners' register but I didn't get a penny :(
  12. I think you have got your wires crossed djweeble.
  13. Eee aww eee aww he always says that. Good luck mate
  14. Yeah.... sorry about that Jamer, I was just bored. Does the wife know about those pictures you send?
  15. Have you seen all the idiotic advertising posts by a scammy Russian Do they think you will buy the fake items from them.............. Tossers
  16. It has come to my attention (from a source in the police) that there is a crime going on that has yet to become public. So, I will give you a 'heads up' before it does. There is a mafia operating in the UK run by asians. (extortion and protection rackets) Normal asians are frightened of them as the asian mafia mostly only target them. They have acquired fake card readers used for payment in shops and garages etc. The legitimate business holder wouldn't and couldn't use them as they would be busted within a day. But the mafia turn up and tell the owner 'they are to use their reader for one day' or the shop might catch fire etc. The fake card reader clones the details of the card and records the pin. (also photographs the vin number on the back) But, it cant take the money from your account (it's not even connected) It's used solely for cloning. They then use that for taking your maximum allowed in cash from an ATM. In one day, they are gone leaving the poor owner to take the flak. There is a way of checking this if you are suspicious. Put in a wrong pin on your first attempt. The reader has no clue if it is correct or not and will always say 'accepted'. If this happens and you know you put a wrong number in - it's a fake reader.
  17. Are you sat with a pencil up each nostril and a tea-towel on your head saying 'Wibble' yet
  18. This website is absolutely fantastic and very addictive. See what aircraft is flying near you, where it's going where it came from ETA and loads more. Just watched one coming near my house - went to the window and there it was Enjoy http://www.flightradar24.com/PIA709/3d3b2d5
  19. Jeremy Clarkson said yesterday - that's all you need, a player looking at other players and imagining eating them with fava beans and a nice chianti. :) He continued; the correct punishment should be a trip to the dentist to have all his teeth out. lol.
  20. You have got to love all the fuss about Suarez biting Cheilinni. Especially those affected saying it was part of the game or only a minor indecent. Jack Charlton was once asked what he would do if a player had spit on him His answer was quite succinct. ' I would have knocked his bloody block off' Suarez is long overdue a good thump right in the kisser. And just in case all the shouting of 'storm in a teacup' has affected your view look at the picture - he clamps right down with malicious intent.
  21. or, phone them from another number and see if you recognise their voice.
  22. If it's unlisted you won't have much chance. and it's not a regular nuisance caller (Checked my sources too) probably someone with a grudge
  23. I saw this robot from another forum and at first watching you get the feeling it's really a human pretending to be a robot. Watch the video a few times and you will see it really is a robot - the creepiest Iv'e ever seen. make sure you watch in 'full screen' then you can see without doubt it is a genuine robot. http://io9.com/this-gyrating-animatronic-doll-will-haunt-your-dreams-1549999006
  24. 3 weeks and still not even close to being resolved. Bits of flotsam and jetsam spotted hundreds of miles apart but no one has actually recovered a single piece. That bit puzzles me - if a satellite spots debris, surely it can keep track of it until a ship arrives into the area to pick it up. One piece would confirm it has gone down. They are still putting out contradictory news - it went this way - that way - this speed - slower - faster. The fact still remains that the tracking devices were turned off deliberately and there were 2 people with false passports on board. I am not one for conspiracies but there does seem to be a huge smokescreen going on
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