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  1. Looking at your sizes there, it seems to be a standard 5ft bed. (the bedding industry still work in feet and inches as most of their machines are old) But I would make sure when you ask. Then you need to know what type of mattress you need. There are so many variations from £80 to £1000. If you don't have any special needs, I would highly recommend a pocket sprung mattress. The comfort level is the highest. I got one for a friend and his words were (after a few weeks of using it) 'it's like snuggling down into a little nest' I have a king size double pocket sprung mattress with a single sprung base. It would have cost £1200 but I got it for free as I worked there often and saved them money with a program I did.
  2. As part of my job, I program and repair bed making machines. It's just a matter of moving an end proximty switch - which is on a marked rule slider anyway to make custom sized beds (or mattresses) It wouldn't harm to call a manufacturer and ask for a price. If they manufacture them - they are bound to be cheaper anyway.
  3. So now we are told on every news channel and every newspaper that bread is bad for you as it contains too much salt. If any of you have a bread maker or ever made bread by hand you will realise that bread must have salt in it not just for taste but it stops the yeast going 'mad' and fluffing it up too much. Bread has been part of our diets for - well as long as humans have grown wheat. So now a sandwich might eventually kill you. The bread will raise your blood pressure, the butter will clog your arteries, the meat will give you bowel cancer. And I right fancied a ham sarnie. Ah well a lettuce leaf again for lunch - just to be safe
  4. I remember the documentary about the seige of the Iranian embassy. I remember him being a big part of it and listening with awe at his and his comrades unbelievable bravery. He didn't glorify or brag about his part in it - just told it as it was. Even about swearing with Maggie Thatcher stood behind him and saying sorry to her. Men like him make the SAS what it is: simply the best regiment in the world. RIP mate
  5. I see the prophet of doom is still telling us the world will end soon. And insulting anyone who disagrees. Recessions and boom times have come and gone forever - in fact it is impossible to have equilibrium, so we are always either going up or down. Most of us ride the roller coaster as it comes, some are always on the 'big one' with the tracks broken at the bottom.
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