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  1. Actually Ogre, the part 'P' advice was done as a 'just so you know' comment. Part P boils my ######. Here's how it is supposed to work! It was decreed a few years back that all electricians who do domestic work must have this certificate. It's intentions were to stop cowboy builders etc doing dodgy electrical work. All good so far. They even changed the colours of the wires in the 'twin & Earth' to brown and blue to prove it had been installed after the law came into place. To be part P registered, you have to pay for a short course and also pay an annual fee to stay registered. This cost has to be paid by your customers by way of a higher hourly rate. The unqualified and cowboy electricians don't go on this course and can easily undercut the part P men. The government also run 4 week courses where anybody in any job can come out a fully qualified electrician with part P too and wade straight into your house. So here's the irony. I have been a fully qualified (many city & guilds and technical qualifications) electrical technician for 40 years. 40 years experience in every electrical aspect there is. But, I don't do any domestic work and so don't need the part P certificate. But, if I wanted to wire an extra socket in my own kitchen, after I had finished and to keep within the law, I would have to call someone with part P to test and inspect my work and tell me I had done it correctly. This could be a bricky or forklift truck driver that went on the short course. True electricians that keep up with all the legislation are now struggling for work - whilst the cowboys are mown out.
  2. And don't forget - because it's outside, you have to get a qualified electrician to test it and issue a part 'P' certificate of conformity.
  3. Rother

    Old films

    Grease. It's old, it's corny and yet still great. Plus Olivia neutron bomb is a babe in it. Goodfellas. Watched it at least 20 times - if it was on tonight I'd watch it again. The long good Friday. Great story, great acting and Helen Mirren was gorgeous in her youth. (I mean I'd drag my knackers over burning coals to get to her) Layer Cake. I am sure they picked Daniel Craig to be James Bond on the strength of his part in this. A gripping and vicious drugs story.
  4. If I had the choice, I would throw my fax machine in the bin. Only trouble is it's part of a brilliant colour laser printer. I run my own business and fax's were popular once upon a time now all I get is advertisements or spam. And it's my toner and paper they are using. I would turn it off but once a blue flood someone wants to send a genuine fax. Nearly £200 it costs for new toner cartridges too.
  5. Course you would grumpy - and the others would sing a different song if they were disabled. I have a big car and I am going to park in a disabled bay = nothing but a selfish ignorant knob head
  6. That's a dodgy wicket your are on there 'The Fonz' What do you want to see? Only people that crawl from their cars or have visible signs they are disabled. There are bound to be some that abuse the system (as in all things) but the attitude of 'f*** em I'm able bodied' does you no credit
  7. Playing devils advocate here, I would say if you have a large vehicle and you are not disabled; then the onus is on you to park correctly. Your big car is your problem - not everyone else's. You get plenty pluses by having a big car, suck up the minus's too.
  8. So you have decided to shake hands with me...
  9. Of course no one likes the idea that your medical details might be shown to all and sundry and that is the point of the piece in the paper. They like to make you think that some dodgy person is browsing through your papers. But, there are 60 million people in Britain - 60 Million records. Who the hell is going to sort through that lot. Computers can number crunch and give statistics like the worst areas for cancer etc but no one or no organisation is going to sift through 60 million records for juicy bits. Anyway - medical records are already digitized. You go to the hospital and give your doctors name - they have your records immediately. Their are bigger things to worry about sparks er I mean alloneword .
  10. I was skeptical from the start. The only good I can see from all of this global warming nonsense is that pollution has been cut down. Well not in Japan or China because the government doesn't give a monkeys chuff about it's people there. They are getting what used to be called 'The London Smog' years ago. People say 'look at all the flooding we are getting because of the climate warming' Look at the records - there are pictures of towns flooded worse than now 100 years ago - was it warming then too. And I agree with the post that we should not still be paying a levy on our fuel bills for something that does not exist and isn't true.
  11. As I say to most of these things; If the police or whoever want to read emails - they already do, just not officially. It would be niave to think otherwise. But say there are 10 billion emails a day, who is going to trawl through them - even if they use a bot looking for trigger words. There is not or never will be the man-power to read every email. The authorities will target certain people only now, officially so the source can be used in court. At the moment, they can't use 'we read his emails' they have to act on what they have read but not make it obvious.
  12. Rother

    Abu Hamza

    Well blow me down. He's back and going to be a totally free man again. So we are stumping up for his house/food/expenses etc while he can plan how to mass murder us infidels. And nobody has the bollocks to say he isn't allowed back in
  13. Too late for that advice for me heavy1 - I have tried all 3 of those (the latest being a galaxy phone which she hates) They all ended in disaster. :)
  14. Rother

    Abu Hamza

    Abu is finally extradited and Gary McKinnon stays. How long before the racist card is raised. Irrespective that one was 'terror' based and the other 'hacking' I can see it now. I am glad that Theresa May had the guts to stop the extradition, whatever her reasons. Throughout this case though, I have never heard any common sense. What I mean is; If I had an impenatrable computer system and some bedroom hacker got in I would thank him and ask him how he did it - even reward him and ask him to test the new system. Next time it might be a real terrorist organization that gets in. What do the Yanks do? They want to jail him for 60 years. The inner me wants somebody to get in again and really f*** em up. The British government should have said f*** off 10 years ago to the USA. I'm sure we havn't eard the last of this.
  15. The all new Jimmy Saville special. An 80 year old matured pork sausage nestling between 12 year old baps I'm loving it.
  16. Rother

    Abu Hamza

    So, he is finally in the USA and in court. It will be interesting to see how they handle it. I hope they will not be as soft as us - and I suspect they wont be. They have even confiscated his hook hand and wont give it back. I'd like to think that he is ###### his pants now he is in the hands of his victims.
  17. Ah well, my clever wife showed me how to block numbers to our house phone. I had no idea it could be done - so that's the end of those cheeky twats
  18. Funny you should mention them Today I checked their website for a home insurance quotation I didn't take any offers but they have not stopped calling me since. I checked the number on the net and thousands are complaining that even though they asked to be removed from their calling lists They are still called several times a day. They are becoming a pain in the arse and it's only day 1 You cant get a quote if you don't leave a tel number - wish I'd given a fake one now.
  19. Cheers Mate- geting old now. 56 Today :(
  20. Rother


    Get a pencil with a rubber end and clean the contacts on both the ink cartridge and the printer (the shiny brass things) Also shake the ink cartridge very strongly (but beware ink will splattet out so put your finger over the nozzle.) These things have quite sophisticated electronics inside them (that's why they are so expensive) and they need a perfect connection
  21. Ebay is fine if you are just wanting to buy something - although you do have to be aware of a few things. Like a lot of the times you can get the same item from an actual bona fide retailer for less. And some dodgy buggers make sure the photo's only show the good bits But! If you want to sell something, the charges are unbelivable. You get thromped 3 times. For example; I had an item to sell. I put it up for £350.00 and it was snapped up in less than an hour. £350 was a bargain for the item and the buyers obvioulsly knew that. That part I am not bothered about. Because I wanted to put up photographs of the item, I was charged about £6.00 to advertise It sold and this is where they are crafty (or bloody sneaky) The buyer put £350 in my paypal account. That is so that paypal (which you are forced to use) get the percentage of the full selling price (£16) Then later ebay take their 10% off the full selling price too. (£35) at no point do you own the full selling price So out of the £350 I was deducted £57.00. That is a massive rake off for one item where I have done all the work. Anyone know of any better selling sites with a much better percentage rake off.
  22. I am no financial wizard but if tourists or more people than normally would buy products as a result of seeing the olympics and London The money filters down no matter what you think The extra products and services have to be made and supplied - that = extra jobs or people keeping their jobs Not just some fat cats just licking the cream.
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