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  1. Belated new year shout to you all too...
  2. Jumping on the band wagon here too..Sorry i ain't been about for a while, just getting used to doing day shifts...What a mind blower, not ime to surf the web like before when everyone was at work.... Sorry for being a bit slow, but the Newsgroups has gone, what happened? Are we not flaunting with the law anymore??
  3. I'd say the converter is the better option, considering the device will be using a 110 Volts. Where with the adapter, i feel you could be taking a bit of a gamble with our 220/240 volt system. As you don't want a dissapointing Xmas over a couple of quid more, seing that you've already stepped intil the unusal realm already...
  4. A random thought; A holiday convertor would be the cheaper option surely. Like the ones we use when going on holiday?
  5. What do they say: Born Free, Taxed to death..
  6. Yes I have heard of similar stories of Dual Sim Phones & work here, perfectly well too.. (Chinese copies etc) Even when I visited Hong Kong earlier this year, that is all you can see, Phones that have not even made it on the market here yet & some awaesome Dual Sim action too. If you think you can get away with it, then go for it!! I'd suggest that you whoever sends it to you, that you can get them to mark it up as a gift..
  7. Crazy indeed...Rape by any means can not be justified. But surely bringing these people to justice with minimal evidence ( I imagine) is probably doing more harm than good for Woman today. Especially if it all gets thrown out of court. Stuart Hall, has jut got his wrist slapped too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-22379286 I don't know I'm even more confused, as they got Rolf haris up on a charge too??? Why now after all this time??? WTF indeed!!
  8. Facebook the root of all evil...ha ha ;)
  9. I'm all good thanks...I thought I was bad for passing by randomly... :Winky:
  10. dragonfly

    Old films

    Star Wars Aliens The Good The Bad & The Ugly. Sinbad & the eye of the Tiger.
  11. :Thumbs_Up1: Merry Yuletide
  12. The younger generation must surely be aware of what is going on or they that naive?? As for the freedom of how it use to be, has died off already I say.. Due to certain Paranoia... :Hmm:
  13. ...Could this be the beginnning of '1984'..... http://www.bbc.co.uk...litics-20668953 or the internet as we know it will die??
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